Doctor Larson's Death Gauntlet

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A Pac-Man remake I made for a friend of mine. This link is to a Flash version of the game.

EDIT: did one teeny-tiny update to provide a subtle patterned background for the game screens (not seen in the screen shots, which I'm too lazy to update). It looked a bit too empty without it.

Made For: 
An event


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I approve.

I approve.

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Well, thank you very much.

Well, thank you very much. She seemed to like it, too.

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I enjoyed eating the pie in your game. when I finished I went to my refrigerator and discovered that my pie in real life had also been consumed. this leads me to believe that there is some connection between the electronic pie in your game and the corporeal pie in my refrigerator; perhaps this stems from some crossed electrical wiring or interference from my wireless router acting on the fridge's circuitry. I will continue to investigate this phenomenon as an excuse to buy more pie and play more of your enjoyable game.