Ornament Smash

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I reskinned an Astrosmash example I made a while back. You're now blowing up XMas ornaments instead of asteroids, and shooting Santa/Elf/Mrs. Claus Heads instead of UFOs.

Use the ARROW KEYS to move your Orna-woman LEFT or RIGHT.

Throw candy with the SHIFT KEY.

Press UP to toggle autofire mode.

Press and hold DOWN to activate your Snowglobe Shield. This blocks everything, but has a limited battery. It will slowly recharge over time.

There are also powerups that let you throw more candy or move back and forth faster.

Enjoy and THANK YOU FOR PLAY! Hope you're enjoying the holiday season. :)

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!! This is cool. I like how

!! This is cool. I like how you can kill things by running into them with the shield. This in combination with the character shooting things out of their finger is interesting because if something is to the far right of the screen you kind of just have to kill it by running into it with the shield which adds a sort of twist to the game.

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Shield vs. Shooting

I was debating on what to do about that, but it boiled down to not legitimately having the time to sort out movement. I could have set it up so that the character simply "flips" and is reversed, sticking its other arm up when it goes the other direction. But then there's a drastic change in orientation - where the shots come from - when one would switch directions, and I didn't want to adjust the game too much because I think it's cute when she shoots from her finger.

The only drawback of using the shield is that the player earns no points when destroying enemies with it. Maybe that's the adjustment I'll make... And offer the player more points because it's a more dangerous maneuver and there's a limited battery.

Thanks for the feedback, everythingstaken! It's provided me food for thought, first thing in the morning... :D

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Haha, good re/demake... I

Haha, good re/demake... I like how you can't shoot enemies on the far right anymore.