for Akair : P***WORD CRACKER


this game is for akair
this is basically a minesweeper, but a little bit different
you can play with for different difficulty, just press 1/2/3/4

made with unity, there's a web version and desktop version for win,mac and linux

Made For: 
An event


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Fresh Take

This is a really, really nice take on the original! I'm a fan of cryptography and puzzles. You did fine work with this one. Lots of deduction, particularly when you increase the difficulty. Just like in the original, always going for the corners doesn't work! :D

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Really, really hard but

Really, really hard but really nice! :) I've always sucked at minesweeper, but it's a very addictive and fun game, and I like your take on it! Nice touch with the changing letters and the hacker/matrix look.
Thank you very much! :)

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I like this a lot better

I like this a lot better than minesweeper :D It's a bit more random to try to guess at (like, the odds can be more unfair...) but it plays much faster so it doesn't have any mean sting to it.