For Everythingstaken : Apple loses control of herself


PLEASE READ : In these last two weeks, I was extremely busy. Also, this game was not made with a visual game engine, it was made with an Actionsprit 3 framework called Flashpunk. I was learning Flashpunk back then. Also, sorry for its length. I hope you can understand it.

Merry Christmas, Everythingstaken ! :D

A game about important life choices. If you can' t eat a thing that will be good for you, what will you do ? Will you try to eat it ? Will you eat the unhealthy red 'n commie McDonald' s broccoli ? Or will you escape ? Choose one of these... but one of them is worse than the other. One is good. It has also a part in which you cannot control yourself. That depends on you, though.

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This is a perfect

This is a perfect representation of what my life is like and my day to day choices. It's about what I look like too; too accurate. Today I opened a package from my grandma and it had a bunch of sweets and junk food. I only ate a little because I remembered the metaphors that were present in your game. I also really like the background snakes, good job!

Dear Mr. or Mrs. or Ms.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Everythingstaken, videogames are part of the illuminati and this one pretty much probed your mind and health. Just kidding. Also, this game influenced your life a little bit too much in my opinion. I suggest you to go outside and scream the name three times :


And you will see a burning light in the sky. Eventually, you will see Gajimbo, which will bring you to my home. There, you can take a ride on my blue caterpilar. How' s that ?

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Just everythingstaken is

Just everythingstaken is fine. :)

Okay, so, I'll be up there in a couple. I got some stuff to do first. 8-)

ok then :D

ok then :D

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I'm glad this game could

I'm glad this game could give me such insight into a day of the life of you!

Hello, Mno. Welcome to the

Hello, Mno.
Welcome to the hole,
Where you' ll see the show,
The show of a life
of a man called
Everythingstaken !
The game is actually a documentary of his life. Like Borat.

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My life is a lot like

My life is a lot like Borat's too.

Also, my wife is a lot like Borat's.

And you neighbor ? Is he a

And you neighbor ? Is he a pain in your assholes ?

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I am into rhymes featuring

I am into rhymes featuring me.