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Too many objects!

also its still in time - this is once again my secret santa to everyone~ mery crimbo friends ily all 2014 kiss kiss

NEW UPDATE NEW KINDA 23/01/15 THATS DD/MM/YY FYI: ADDED NEW MMF2 COMPILED VERSION WHICH MEANS YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY IT NOW (original knp version added in for legacys sake. the midis in the mmf2 version glitched up a little for me compared to the knp version. but thats the only difference.)

also info for THOSE INTERESTED: this is a pseudo sequel to house runner feat. mr pickens, that was done IN THE NICK OF TIME for the holiday seasons. theres very slight references to the original which are kinda easy to miss because theyre somewhat obscured, save for one frame wherein the reference essentially shouts at you

also this stars mr PICKEN not PICKENS. the two are unrelated and are probably not aware of each others existence. lets keep it that way, windlebee.

2018 Extra Notes: First off, wow, what on earth is that mess of text above? Anyway, this might be one of my favourite games I've ever done. The music choices are so good, and the timing I somehow pulled on frame changes is just beautiful. Also it introduces my favourite character, Graham! I'm doing a twine with him in it. That's always nice. I will say the one music choice I regret here would be the midi that plays during the Hypermarket scenes (I can't remember the name at all). Anyway, that thing has a big ol' chunk of silence at the start and that ruins it a lil. The song that plays after also has silence and its bloody annoying. Never forget Crum.

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It's amazing at how epic

It's amazing at how epic this feels even when made in KnP...! Fantastic work. :D

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thanks~ check my other shit


check my other shit out if you liked this cos its p. much most of the same lmfao