Fungilluminati - For Nuuup

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Happy Klikmas, Nuuup! Enjoy FUNGILLUMINATI! :D

I can honestly say this is the most unusual game I've ever developed. At the same time, it's a fitting tribute to SON SON, one of my favourite classic arcade games developed by Capcom in the 80's.

Use the ARROW KEYS to select a menu option. Press SHIFT to make your choice.
Move your mushroom with the ARROW KEYS. You can also jump with the UP ARROW or SHIFT key. Drop down to the next lower level by pressing the DOWN key. You constantly shoot, so there's no need to press any buttons or keys to do that.
To win, shoot anything that moves, and collect anything that doesn't. Avoid the lava at the bottom of the screen, as it will hurt your sometimes.

Here's Nuuup's wishlist:
-Weird potatoes flying around the screen
-A tortoise that won' t SHUT UP
-A talking piece of poo that talks like a busy New Yorker
-A player that is a yellow mushroom
-A crudely drawn naked girl that is the Illuminati Top Model
-A drunken werewolf that wants to eat your face
-An agressive Totoro plush toy

I'm working on the Flash version of the game, but there are some bugs to work out first.

Everyone have fun. :)

EDIT: Last update 3 January 2015. Level restart bug and audio bugs now fixed, and now the player can jump with the UP ARROW key.
(my tradition of continually updating and fixing small issues after the initial release continues in full force...)

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best game ever. i almost

best game ever. i almost swallowed the gum i was chewing when i was playing it. very funny.

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Happy to hear you liked it,

Happy to hear you liked it, Nuuup! :D

Careful with your gum! Wear a helmet next time.

also, this game is freaking

also, this game is freaking hard!! the voice acting rules !! also, the nakedness of the illuminati appears after the boss battle, 'cos it' s a hard game.

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Great work on the game, I

Great work on the game, I loved the sound and illustrations especially.

After I played for a while, I noticed that those flyin' potatoes were hurting me. It would be nice to have been warned about that. Maybe you could put some sort of helpful hint in the game that tells players that they should look out; I say this because those flyin' potatoes will hurt ya.

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I was trying to think of a way to integrate warnings into the game more organically, but I may not have squeezed one out before releasing the game with a splash... I felt kinda rushed, and I certainly can't make it happen while people watch. I'm shy like that, ever since I was a little kid.


whadda 'bout dwaight ?

whadda 'bout dwaight ?

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Ah, fuggedabowd dat guy.

Ah, fuggedabowd dat guy. He's made a poo.

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Update: 27 Dec 2014

Fixed a level restart bug. The game no longer ends immediately when starting repeat plays.

wow what a game great voice

wow what a game great voice acting

Whaddya say? A new yoka

Whaddya say? A new yoka mustevbin involv'd in dis.

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two time wolves? TWO TIME

two time wolves? TWO TIME WOLVES?!

Forget this, i'm outta here!

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Two Wolves

Double your pleasure, double your fun, perhaps? :)

A small consolation is that once they're defeated, you've beaten the game. Then the real secret becomes known...

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I did it and I can't ever go

I did it and I can't ever go back. the time wolves are at the back of my mind always, nipping at my heels , forcing me to go on. I can never look at the world the same way now. your game is the rowdy roddy piper forcing the sunglasses upon the keith david of my heart. I'm forever blowing bubbles. god is dead. fungus has overgrown his body. the godfungus will contorl us all. and the godfungus is controlled by the illuminati. everything makes sense and now I must leave this planet.

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You've pierced the veil.

You've pierced the veil. Your reaction is not uncommon.

Best of success on your interstellar journey. But be sure to at least send your games back to us!!!

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Your Wish List

And with that, I think you received everything from your wish list. :)

(congrats on finishing it, by the way!!! THANK YOU FOR PLAY!)

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I must say that your endorsement regarding THEY LIVE is the best testimonial I could have ever imagined. :D



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We are all Dwight, each in our own little way.

which means that the ones

which means that the ones that call each other dwaights are dwaights ??? oh... my... daym