For left-off-studios: Every Shot is Sacred

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Xmas gift for left-off-studios. A minamlist shoot 'em up in which the player may use the Left + Right arrows to dodge enemies or the Space bar to shoot them. The catch is that if a shot goes off screen, the player loses. Consider this a rough cut.

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An event
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Looking to update my high score as it happens...


Thank you for the game gift!

26 Dec 2014

Today's top score: 96

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Today's high score: 142

Blew past 100 today! WOO!

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Hi Score 95! I like how you

Hi Score 95!

I like how you don't lose if the enemies fly past you like in space invaders or something, so you can kinda try to dodge them. I also love the moment where you misfire a shot and then something spawns in front of it saving you.

They actually wrap back to

They actually wrap back to the top when they you dodge them but there's nothing to indicate that. Shoot too carelessly and you'll probably lose a shot and die. Shoot too carefully and you'll probably be overwhelmed by enemies.

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I can't win your game

It's too hard for me, but I had fun anyway. I shot the squares and then I tried to cheat by standing in one spot and only shooting squares that were coming towards me. but your game was too smart for such a cheap trick and I really got it handed to me that time. what a shame because I feel like I deserve to win in a karmic sense. oh well, such is the life of a person.

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this is surprisingly

this is surprisingly intense... it must be the fast pace! I like it even if it makes me feel a bit nervous to try to handle.