Zombie Hunter (for TheCube)

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A game for theCube made for Secret Santa 2014!

Left click to shoot.
Space for grenade.
R to reload.

Hold mouse still to gain accuracy.
Great music by 'King Keytan' found at http://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/album/summer-forever
(Great Stuff)



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An event


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OMG that's the zombie from

OMG that's the zombie from Zombies ate my neighbors, yeah?? I like the idea of destroying the cover to get to the badguys, rather than just waiting for them. Reminds me of those multitasking games where you run restaurants for some reason...not sure why haha

I like this a lot <3 merry christmas (and sorry for my late reply!)

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Ate my neighbors

I am a Zombie Ate My Neighbors fan for sure! And I'm glad you enjoyed it. It actually reminded me of the same kind of multi-tasking game after it was finished. Have a good year!

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I like how trying to blow up

I like how trying to blow up all the barrels makes victory harder... cause the zombies can only be hit while they attack, I think?