Fox Dance (for 3fox)

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During a full moon, when all other animals are asleep, the fox spirits leave the forest and gather on the beach where they dance to the strange music which drifts from somewhere across the sea.


This is a musical toy type thing, kinda like electroplankton. It's an elaboration on this (which I didn't make):
You can control different groups of foxes and move them around a musical grid. When you give up control they will keep performing the movements you had them do.
You can make weird dissonant noise or things that are somewhat soothing and nice. Just play around and have fun!

Also, every time you restart the program you will get different sounds.


12/30 update: Changed the fox sprite; slightly changed the way the program works; added mouse controls; you can move diagonally now; fixed some bugs

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Thanks, this is a great

Thanks, this is a great gift, better than anything I imagined. Now I have to finish mine!

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glad you liked it!

glad you liked it!

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I didn't understand that I

I didn't understand that I have to press '4' in order to regain control of any fox after I've pressed 'space' for a while.

This is a neat game, at first I was just trying to see how to do anything intentional, but once I got the hang of it and I was playing, the graphical theme began to make me feel a neat fairy-tale atmosphere that is vivid and valid. I feel like this is an interactive page mid-way through a longer story-book.

I also like the ability to make portions of the chords into something autonomous so that I can use the remaining controlled portions to play along with something that is not me. This was actually a pretty good demonstration of how to do that. I think this may help me in my own efforts.

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You shouldn't have to press

You shouldn't have to press 4 to regain control of a fox unless you're explicitly trying to control all of them at once. That might have had to do with one of the bugs I just fixed, though. At some point I want to make the controls a bit more elegant, but I need to brainstorm on the best way to do that.

I was thinking about your music games when I made this one, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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This is such a cute game :)

This is such a cute game :) Seems perfect for 3fox!!