Wind of the Samurai (for ihavefivehat)


A samurai following a proud tradition of rude behavior quests to become the most powerful and least dishonorable samurai ever. Contains one game over and two endings.

Game is made with Adventure Construction Kit and runs in DOSBox. On Windows, run "ACK Launcher.exe" and select the adventure WSAMURAI. From plain old DOSBox run ACK/ack.bat.

Made For: 
An event


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This was great! It's always fun when a game has you running around being an asshole to people. One of my favorite parts was the secret ending where you kill the guard outside the pagoda near the beginning of the game. Finding that treasure trove full of godly equipment was great, and I love that you worked mexican food into there also. Thanks for making it so that you can kill yourself with your own farts!

Speaking of which, that last fight was surprisingly difficult, but also fun to work through strategically. (Like figuring out when to go for the health potions and where to aim to kill the most guys). It took me a few tries, but it was really satisfying to finally win.

Also, you included something else that I love but which I forgot to write down: clumsy outdated rpg mechanics!

Thanks again! Hope you liked my game as much as I liked yours!

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How'd you make your

How'd you make your launcher? I've been meaning to bundle up a DOSBox thing for a while.

You'll have to ask whoever

You'll have to ask whoever worked on the "modern" releases of ACK(probably Chris Hopkins, the original author). I'm not exactly sure how it was done myself, I just reused what was there.

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Wow, this is awesome. I like

Wow, this is awesome. I like how the game lead me to expect radical stuff then just becomes ludicrous really quickly. I also like the shop with so many unbuyable items- it reminds me of my early experiences with weird CRPGs and being baffled + awed by items I don't know the use of that would always be outside of my grasp!

Also this is a really good self-contained world that feels like it upholds itself for the duration of playing it. I really liked the idea of opponents just yelling insults at each other until they fall apart- and this is backed up by how people talk to each other!