Merry Coristmas, Sergio

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Christmas game for Sergio!

Of your requests I mostly just went with 'or draw all the graphics on paper' and 'dream world', and anything else that fits is a nice coincidence. Many mysterious errors in life and Unity appeared, but everything was overcome with no compromises :D

Hope you like my/your pretty game.

I've added Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. Hopefully the lack of mouse control avoids the usual Mac and Linux errors.

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An event


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This is gorgeous! Somehow, I

This is gorgeous! Somehow, I didn't realise how much I wanted a game that so strongly emphasised falling/drifting through 3D voids, so maybe you know me better than I do. The textures are lovely, and the way they tiled reminded me of wrapping paper, so you get bonus points for seasonal appropriateness. The walk to that doorway was a little excruciating, partly because I accidentally reset midway through my first attempt thinking that it might reset the camera perspective rather than the game itself, and also because I only realised you could get there via the blue thing on my third playthough.

If you made a downloadable version I would indeed download it, but only do it if you want to.

Oh and just to check, the fade to white is the end, right?

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Yep, that's the end! There

Yep, that's the end! There is another ending where mysteriously the fade doesn't trigger, though.

I thought that doorway walk might be okay as a once-off lead-up to the finale, but maybe not. I like the weird graphic effect that happens when you walk down the ramp, but I often found it hard to actually land/get on to--so did that walk a few times myself.

I like this very much. It

I like this very much. It looks terrific on my screen. Playing in my bed with the screen on my chest gives me two very contradictory feelings : nausea and internal peace at the same time. I tried to play with various background music.
the sensation of falling is scary and enjoyable at the same time. It reminds me of dreams I have

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That's part of motivation to

That's part of motivation to get some downloadable versions up actually, because it looks really nice full screen :)

Which music did you use?

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One more vote for a

One more vote for a downloadable version.
This is a beautiful game. The drawn textures work so well in this form.

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Hey, so I was just testing

Hey, so I was just testing this again, and apart from coming across some unrepeatable bug where the rotation is too fast I noticed that one of the levels is missing >:( Will upload a fixed version soon.

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Looks like I was using the

Looks like I was using the whole game's play timer, not the level's play timer to do things. So it may have been mucking things up when people reset.

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When I hit reset it brought

When I hit reset it brought me to a later level than the first. That was on the day that I posted, not sure if things have changed.

Thanks for the executables.

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Should be fixed now. Because

Should be fixed now. Because I was using the wrong timer it would skip to the second level (I assume).

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This is seriously cool! I

This is seriously cool! I love yer shapes and spaces made with them. The hand-made drawings are used very well in 3d :)

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wow, awesome

Not being able to look up or down or strafe makes me less conscious of the rooms as 3D spaces. That, together with the flat textures and lack of lighting, makes me very aware that my screen is a 2D, pictorial plane. Playing the game feels more like looking at a painting move and shift before me than exploring a space.

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You actually can look up and

You actually can look up and down with page up and page down! Typically the result is that the camera angle becomes messed up beyond repair.

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Yeah, I like it as a bit of

Yeah, I like it as a bit of a drawing/image generator. I enjoyed taking screenshots for the GT page.

Like Sergio said you can look up and down, but the way that rotates the view helped me find new angles to look at things.