Yoshi's Quest - For Dattorz

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My game for Dattorz who likes Yoshi's, among other things!


Collect the lost Yoshi eggs and send them down the pipe!

  1. Control key to collect things/spit them out
  2. Shift key to move stones

Known bugs:

You are sometimes able to carry more than one thing in your mouth. You shouldn't be. If this happens just spit them out, take a step back, and collect them again. They will be separated.

You can't collect things that you're right next to if they are overlapping an obstacle. If this happens, take a step back and try again.

Hope you enjoy, merry Christmas and happy new year!

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An event


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Cute game! I had fun with

Cute game! I had fun with this! I liked the ability to grab things from afar, in exchange for only being able to hold one object at a time. I'd love to see more done with this mechanic but I'm happy with what's been made. Thanks for making this!

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It was fun to try and create

It was fun to try and create something cute, couldn't resist to throw in some skulls anyway :)
Sorry for the short game, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! And for what it's worth, it runs in 60fps :)

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This is a cute game! I'd be

This is a cute game! I'd be impressed to see how you did this in MMF2, it's always seemed tricky for tile based things like this :o

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Here, have a source :)It

Here, have a source :)
It was made with CF2.5 but I guess you can open it with MMF2, too?
It was tricky, I was actually looking at other peoples examples for grid movement but thought they had way too many lines of code for such a simple thing... I was just kidding myself. There's 15 lines just for moving left,right,up and down. And then a whole lotta more for collisions etc.

edit: you need the surface object extension to open the .mfa

Yoshi's Quest Engine Revision.mfa291.59 KB
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I have CF2.5 so it's all

I have CF2.5 so it's all good.

And ohh, this is cool :) I haven't looked into it much, but there's definitely clever work afoot! I dig it.

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This was pretty awesome! I

This was pretty awesome! I can see me playing hundreds of levels of this.