Cute Jump


This is a fan game of Matt Thorson's "Jumper" ( It is very difficult and a little bit strange.

This game was made with Game Maker 8.0, so it only runs on Windows, and is prone to crashing on Windows 8.

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Cute Jump

This game is a killer! Very challenging, even early on.

After being stuck on one of your levels, I did research on Matt Thorson. What a legacy! I can see how his works are inspirational, and definitely see the influences in your game.

Well done. :)

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as a ter

as a terrible puzzle-man, I was not even smart enough to even beat the first level.

but I liked what I saw, and good use of the Seinfeld theme.

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The answer to the first zone

The answer to the first zone literally came to me out of nowhere while I was waiting for the train. I beat it when I got home, but then gave up a few levels later. I think the luck blocks are one of the most evil things in a game.

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I somehow managed to reach

I somehow managed to reach Zone 3 and really like what I've seen so far, but I kinda doubt I'll make it much further.

Nice job! Most of the

Nice job! Most of the testers gave up on one of the puzzles in Zone 2.

I think Zone 3 isn't too much harder than Zone 2, so you might be able to do it if you are patient enough, but there is a pretty big jump in difficulty when you reach Zone 4.

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good game!

I finally got to the second zone after playing for 45 minutes and accidently pressed Esc too many times and closed the game and lost my progress. I felt like screaming cuz this game is so hard.

The game saves automatically

The game saves automatically after each level, so you probably didn't lose too much progress.

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I played it from a zipped folder. :( It's my fault completely.

this game too much easy

this game too much easy

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Haha, okay.

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I got good at completing the

I got good at completing the different puzzles. Just not all in the same run/screen. Fun and addicting. I love it!