Presentable Liberty

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You have been imprisoned without being told why. All you can hear day in day out is the faint ticking of a clock in your cell. That is, until the first of 5 fateful days begins.

-The amazing 'sequel' to Exoptable Money
-Much less money than in the first one
-Twice as many amazing characters
-Tick tock tick tock
-4 times as many letters
-No cat
-The Doctor would like a word with you

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Wertpol, do you remember me

Wertpol, do you remember me ? I was Moosepotato, but now, I' m Nuuup ! Hmmm... nice to see that it' s your first 3d game that I know... made with Unity ? I liked it a lot.

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Thanks! It's actually still

Thanks! It's actually still made in game maker studio, I generally never learn any new things ever. How come you changed your name?

moosepotato is a stupid name

moosepotato is a stupid name :P

Now I don't know about that

I happened to be kind of a a fan of that name. When deciding on a name, i think what would sound best at the most eclectic e-mail name? I won't namedrop any e-mail providers because the lot of them can be sketchy at best, but taking time confirms some identity. I could think moosepotato @ a lot of names DOT com / net / org / br / edu / what have you could very well have a good ring to it. But, I learned about your identity as NUUUUUUUUUP and the associated ever-changing avatars associated with it. I do think NUUUP is a superior name, but moosepotato is good as well.

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Really enjoyed the game. A few thoughts:

-Neat way to deliver a story.

-I think tedium is important to the feeling of the game, but also makes it difficult to play through. In the back half of the game (day 4 & 5) I came very close to quitting. I'm glad I didn't, though, as the ending was fantastic. I wonder if there's a middle ground where a game like this is more easy to play, but where its ideas aren't compromised.

-Being trapped in a tiny room playing inane games waiting for fragments of news about the outside world... this game made me want to leave my apartment.

-I will probably never see the 2nd ending. I feel bad about this, but not bad enough to play the game again.

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I made it to the beginning

I made it to the beginning of Day 4.
I enjoyed what I saw.

It's worth the finish

even restart. I've searched around. A lot of people are talking about this one. It's actually completely unreal. I'd say almost a you have to see it to believe it. I don't know if Wertpol ever will even if he's taking measures and going with it. It's ... kind of a sight to behold.

I don't even know if I should say congrats to a developer, but it is something in its own world. I've been enjoying the eagleeyes series for years now, but the other franchises including this one are going their own way and paving the name for tvdinner knows what. We'll just have to wait and see.