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Merry Christmas to! Sorry this was finished way too late.

Test your Jean-Simeon Chardin knowledge! Can you match each painting to the year that it was painted?

Move the pointer and hit the numbered balls to input the year that the painting was made! If you get a number wrong, that's ok -- the numbers cycle around so you have as many chances as you'd like!

(If you need any help on when each painting was made, use the About menu for hints!)

Enjoy! --Octophore IGH

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Yeehew for all lovers of

Yeehew for all lovers of paintings and old years, seems like 2015 started with some serious Chardin dating arcade action so you dad and mom won't be saying no more this something 64 is teaching you nothing good. Look at this unique game mechanics. They say it was exquisitely designed as a christmas gift for Bibi*. Look at those hi-fi color copies of Jean-Simeon Chardin Masterpieces. Wow who wants to go to the Louvres anymore and do the boring 3 hours queues with countless japanese and american tourists all busy playing games less cool than "Super Jean Siméon Chardin 64 by Octophore" on their stupid iphones, when you can actually have it all RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW on your screen, all packed with some catchy music (hey I knew you were a lover of the catchy midi tune style Octophore, so I can see you enjoyed setting up the playlist for SUPER JEAN SIMEON CHARDIN 64 !!! ). Isn't all that great and wait the worth. Thank you very much Octophore, Merry Christmas, CHAMPAGNE.

This is for you French lovers, Bibi means "me" in French

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This is such an amazingly

This is such an amazingly unwieldy way to play a quiz game!