Game Format: Fantomah

I'm currently fixated on the notion of developing a game featuring the public domain character Fantomah:

What should I pursue?
- a platformer
- an interactive fiction story
- turn-based strategy/tactical overhead map
- something else?

I'm also toying with the notion of having the player be the 'bad guys' and having Fantomah foil their plans with her incredible powers. Frankly, I'm more interested in creating over-the-top, imaginative situations using Fantomah's powers than I am in developing a realistic action game. Re-imagining the character so more metaphor emerges is also high on my list of goals. Experimenting with game formats that are unfamiliar to me is totally okay at this point.

Any thoughts or opinions on this? How would YOU like to see the Fantomah story delivered in a game, if at all?

If you haven't started yet,

If you haven't started yet, I would like to see a visual novel or adventure game, where you make your own original story.

Original Story

Yeah, I think the visual novel approach would be most enjoyable for me at this point, particularly for this character. I made my first small game with Twine, which supports image files, so I might be able to put something together for that game engine. We'll see what happens.