EPeakLanB Extra Preamble KragLe and Bread (Clyde)


EPeakLanB! (the acronym extension was improvised early am)

The Santa/Grog/Grolby/Tia rat-pack is back with more cast and more blast!

* Written in two languages so nobody understands nobody
* Soundfonted midi music playing to a listener's delight
* Guaranteed to appall and awe the masses in an improvised Christmas/Winter Pageant
* Released a day before Orthodox Christmas
* Other stars/bullets that may or may not shock yoU!!!!!
* Sequel to Arswaeerea

For one more current update: those on mobile platforms there's a mobile version, I don't know how it works/look but:


Have you ever been so lost in a series it inspires a change in your canon, or you decided to take a request and still work out a dream in your head you've been itching to do? EpeakLanB can take you there. The world is also open! Your input can change the direction of where or what those crazy crew members are and/or do next. Suggestions are open, psyches can by hypnotic, and life is full of fiber optics to bring these pipe dreams to sewer life!

Authors' outside-of-game Notes:
This took a bit longer than expected, but released one day before Christmas so that's a +. Ray's story can finally be enjoyed by others.

Part of the time involved watching an entire series for "rewsearch" and that took a while. I don't want to spoil the series and and made an attempt to tread carefully in the finished(?) product to reflect on that so PM me if you want my take on it. Good series though.

Thanks to clyde for the inspiration. Other names of notoriety in bass: Catdodo, Lazi, Moneyfunny, onlyorange. It's really early. I must sleep. The Christmas cycle curse has been broken and for that I can say:

Attachments included: 26283391.txt game script as of now. This site doesn't allow xml attachments so pretend it's text, rename to xml and view it in a browser if you want that layout to see what a bassnovel game is really made of! epeak.txt all of the chinese text here before translation. It isn't in any order. other conceptual art.


edit: smaller image version of the image so it doesn't break the page. original image here

If you'd like to read up on the prequel you're welcome to click on the image below this line:

Or you could choose and play EPeakLanB if you'd like! I made an uninspired PLAY BUTTON animation you can click on that will theoretically take you there. You could also alternatively click on this sentence as well for your enjoyment!

Having Trouble running the game? Maybe the replies to this comment will help!

Interested in dropping a line of feedback/input or just SUP? That would be great pilgrim! Alternatively you can scroll down if you want to reply to one of the commentes instead. *DISCLAIMER* if you object to any comments listed below as I'm not a moderator, don't reply to it as it makes the original message uneditable. Leave a comment next to it or drop the recipient a PM lol. *Other Disclaimer* Game flow and events subject to change, things are unpredicable, just in case.

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i'm confused, how to play

i'm confused, how to play the game

clyde's picture

Have you played a

Have you played a visual-novel before? Or are you having trouble getting the game to load?

Okay, firstly

Thanks for the SOS last year. I was honored.

Firsly, it's a VN. It's also on a chinese website. It should theoretically work on many browsers. I've tested Opera (both OG version 12.17 and chromeprah) and fumblefox (with apologies to firefox, even if it is my browser of choice at the moment i still think in many ways it fumbles). That means it'll work in chromium-based browsers and mozilla suite browsers.

If you have a script blocker such as noscript installed, you'll need to allow bassavg.com and jquery.com. When being a consumer, I LOVE it when a site tells you which scripts you need to get something to work ignoring the others. I tested this myself by doing a forbid on stuff, and it's those two you need. Anyone else with issues LET ME KNOW

Now you might be thinking "what's jquery?" or not, I'm familiar bass deals in xmls and some form of javascript to present its game:


jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. Used by over 60% of the 10,000 most visited websites, jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use today. jQuery is free, open source software, licensed under the MIT License.
Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JQuery

bing taught me this. I like bing. Search engine prefs aside!

clicking on the game link above: you'll see 2 bass logos on the top and bottom that link to the sign-in and a beautiful picture of a view of fireworks in the middle.. there's a text link underneath it that says:
回上一頁 進 入 遊 戲 回上一頁
This translates to:
Enter the game back to the previous page back to previous page

Since this is a direct link, there's no previous page. You can click either on the link in the middle or the big image. They have different urls but I think they both point to the same thing. Uncanny? yes.

EDIT: added link to original artist for that image! It should look like this but more symmetrical. (sometimes the two animated banners don't load and sometimes only one of them loads. They're quite nice and add to the scene. I had to emulate the bottom banner as you can see it's not even) and thinking about it I get it. the bass banner is random. Otherwise sometimes it's a random ad. it depends on which scripts you allow I guess? (that said, I will probably allow more sites here but for a player the first 2 scripts are all that's needed)

Anyway, lastly, you should see:
遊戲作者: jarkydrapedoor ( PM作者 | 個人資訊 | 其他作品) / 59

在 BASS, 您也可以輕易的製作這個故事
推廣 收藏 存檔 讀取 分享到 FB

which translates to:
Game author: jarkydrapedoor (PM | author | personal information other works)/59 (hit counter)

in the BASS, you can also easily make this story (read more)
(promote) (Favorite) (save game) (load game) (share blue f page)

About controls: PM / Promote / Favorite requires a login. the first and third are self-explanatory. Promote gives your novel a front page link, which is irrelevant because as of now it's not published on the main site. Under the "in the BASS" sentence the third and fourth links are for save and load if you're into that. You may not need that since my novel's kinetic (meaning there aren't branches and multiple choices that affect storyline change) . I make it linear like that because well, I dunno, everything else is already complicated.

The last link is a share on the blue f page. I don't expect anyone to do that either because well, on social networks I'm really quiet. I figure there are other areas that need noise and the population does a good job there. This isn't a place for me to discuss my social networking quirks though, it's a place to enjoy home made dev projects that people enjoy and help others achieve their goal to do the same.

That aside, things should work. If they still don't like the previous novel (for good reasons) was made in BassNovel which is the english version of the site which has its differences. I can explain that more in another venue like here. I ended up making tube videos for the first game. There's a minute intro video and a second. The first game (Arswaeerea) is here in this link. I tried my best to do the voices for everyone. To play it with music you'll need either internet explorer or the view page in IE tab extension for mozilla fumblefox.

I hope that's thorough but not too thorough to read, and helps everyone. Maybe I should edit the description to point to your question because there's no sense in doubling the description I guess. Thanks for your question! -B!

epeaklanbcoverscreen.png453.67 KB
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I'm playing through right

I'm playing through right now. This is great. I'm getting to re-live some of my favorite scenes of _Spy Myung Wol_. I'm also excited to see Grog and Grolby existing in the same universe as the show. Thank you already! (before I've played all the way through).

clyde's picture

Just finished. I hope I

Just finished. I hope I didn't miss too much of it by not knowing how to read Chinese. Was the Pub scene everyone kinda having an after-party? I thought it might be the auction based on context, but then it seemed more like an after-party once the get-his-autograph scene was composed.

These are all good questions

I had to go to work, but I am indeed returned:

And I'm here to answer! Check the .txt file attached.. not the numerical one(that's the source), but somewhere up there. That's what I translated over. All of it's machine translated to chinese, and I don't know how well it will go over with them. I actually published the game over there. I'm not sure the exact order but I figure if I'm gonna post on a chinese site I might as well give them something entertaining. That's another reason there's so many action sequences. They translate over well! I don't know if you'd believe I played a few chinese vns hoping they'd throw me some bones like that even if they are lightly thought of.

Fortunately if they really want to they COULD go through each chapter and machine translate the english to Mandarin. I don't know how well it goes over.

The pub scene was me saying "what's the true spirit of arswaeerea? let's put a pub scene in" The auction scene was swayed over by ray hijacking the story and noticing that the autograph book aka the book or "conundrum" is one of the 4 books. when naming the items in the game i didn't know the name was left out, as I assumed Conundrum was gonna be in big letters.

So far just the test and the sign and the cinematic movie scene with people watching it and what could've been the auction has been grasped on. I made this series to expand on it but had to hang the hat somewhere. It's long enough to consider a chapter 1, and if you read the author's notes part it's kinda my intention.

Now I published the game on the chinese site but I got a translation that said "not published" which uhh, if that's the case I guess it's fine. Maybe they have a screening over there. But if I click publish again it'll unpublish. I don't know what's going on but I think it's fine either way. It was a little bit of blind force and if my novel isn't "public" to them it's cool too.

Also fun fact: it looks like I started the process of this novel on 9/7/14. I have a favorite midis folder. Sorting assets is the BULK of development in bass. Naming them, adding them, processing them. I have a midi folder and have a sendto/ midi directory where I choose my favorites. Anyone can ask and i'll share the favorites since this can help for inspiration, for like everything. It's a hobby of mine to listen to midis and sort them, that too majority of the dev.

The Prequel, I'm pretty sure I learned of bass on August-October 2011. I finished that one western christmas day (12/25/13) I knew rushing this one to that date was a bad move and certain orthodox countries and Providences hit it up on the 7th aka today. Call it a crutch but a plot twist like this while still making my VN universe canon was necessary. Last year it had to be christmas or it would snowball too big. This time it's open ended and ready to append if/when necessary.

I HOPE THAT COVERS THIS SERIES OF QUESTIONS. Thanks for asking or (axing) them!

clyde's picture

Thanks for including those

Thanks for including those files. The eye drawing makes the game feel like it comes from a larger world and it's nice to be able to know what the Chinese text says.

And more developments too:

I can change the description to reflect it too, but it turns out I messed up on the cover image. I read somewhere after translating that it's supposed to be hand drawn. It's just the way the sight's laid out. It's a little different than the english site which is a little more automatic in that it has a some moderation and a flow to fill. I guess they figured it would give the VNs a nice personal touch and can respect that. That won't work no matter how beautiful the image was that I picked (i screenshot it that's enough for preservation). I don't know how to fix this but at the moment this is okay too. What matters is dev is at a normal flow and the image has been completed. epeaklandb? painting and I compared it to the screenshot before.

I thought of more mad dev ideas too, but naturally one step at a time. Some things should be paced out and others blitzed and whatnot. Cheers!

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everything about this game

everything about this game and this page is amazing

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You said my name?

Oh, yes, this game is pretty amazing. It's really disorientating like watching Enter the Void or something. Really experiential and takes you out of what real life feels like. It makes you question if I am real or if they are real or if I played the game at all. I know I did, I remember I played it though. Also, was Hello Gregor a character in this?