Aerofighter Championship 2016 (for syawqy)

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/**********OOC PART**********\
There's some important things I couldn't figure out how to express in the game, namely:
- You NEED to press P after getting to the playfield to get an explanation of the HUD / list of most controls.
- Pressing the Escape key will quit the game at almost any time.
- Press Space to toggle arrows pointing to planes- I ran out of room in the HUD explanation for this, oops!
- F8 will show/hide the menu, which most importantly has a "Password" option under "File". If you happen to learn any special codes during the game, this is where you will enter it ;)
- F11 will toggle full-screen. The game will run in full-screen by default but it will remember your setting if you change it, though it will be awkward when you start it up. The game is designed to run in full-screen, but if it causes problems you might like windowed mode! It still has to make some assumptions about how to do this, so sorry if it messes up for ya.
The gameplay explanation text file might be long, but probably the most important things are that:
- Performing animated maneuvers makes you invincible, and unable to fire, during them.
- Your ammo recharges faster when you move faster.
- Only you get to repair damage.
- Keep in mind how much the stats of each plane varies dramatically. Some of them are easier to pilot than others, some of them require you to play in specific ways.
Ok that's it sorry for being overbearing, I just want to make sure everybody can get to the same game without reading my ridiculous story files.
\**********OOC PART**********/


Dear pilot, you are the last hope of Earth...

For winning the Aerofighter Championship 2016! Should you somehow have forgotten the details, the Aerofighter Championship is an annual contest hosted by the Grand Galactic Gumption, who afterwards decides what planets should be destroyed as fuel for the others involved in the Championship. The contestants come from the planets that have the most resources to give up, ranked by the Gumption. They send their best pilots out to battle all others in the Drone Fields of Glabber. Generally the worst performers are those whose planets are chosen for total reduction and recycling, but the Great Galumphf of the Gargantuan Grand Guuge Gouncil has been known to make rash decisions. Since the only complaints come from the planets about to be incinerated, nobody cares to challenge her reign. Until now...

Almost one year ago, on the eve of the 1000th annual Aerofighting Championship, two new planets were found: our Earth, and the mechanical sphere Bzzarg, populated by the Mind Eater Robots of Blor (the capital of Bzzarg). Due to our clear skill in piloting (consider: 95% of our travel is accomplished in planes!) and the threats of war from Bzzarg if they were denied entry to the contest, each planet was immediately signed up. Due to a scheduling error, we only had to fly against the Skimmer Bugs from the dark side of Neptune; creatures who only adequately perform flying while above bodies of water, which there is none of in the Drone Fields of Glabber.

The Mind Eater Robots of Blor, on the other hand, battled every other planet in the competition and easily defeated all. After a political conversation (insider sources say dire threats of stealing every dingo from the planet) with the Great Galumphf, she decided that every planet the Mind Eater Robots won over in the contest should be hurled into a worm hole that exited into the ultra-galactic planetary-sized fishing net owned by the Bzzargians. Now the Mind Eater Robots of Blor control a majority of the universe, as they took up most of the newly-empty positions in the Grand Galactic Gumption! A couple representatives of Earth had managed to get on the board, but we have been unable to gain any real representation in the Gumption; conforming to a Democratic-Capitalist galactic order (and following the neccesary steps of dehumanization and constant competition) is difficult for us since we abandoned such foolish and harmful ideologies centuries ago.

The fate of our planet seemed grim from that day on, and it has gotten only grimmer, but it is now at the grimmest yet! As you should be informed, since your memory of the challenge was wiped to prevent you from leaking out secrets of your victory, two months ago the Council For Over-Controlling Computational Decision-Making Council of Bzzarg posited an extra requirement for Earth to be allowed entry in the Championship: their chosen pilot must be able to pass The Trials of the Flying Seven Hoops! Designed to be impossible for the comparatively slow (compared to a super computer) reflexes of any post-furry human, it seemed like we were doomed. Somehow though, through a likely grueling month of constant self-application and giving 110%, you surpassed the trials!

Now, with a month left before the 1001st Annual Aerofighting Championship, you are not only the highest ranking human pilot still alive today, but you must sign up for the Aerofighting Championship 2016! Should you decline, all positions will be taken by the Mind Eater Robot's pilots, the Plin'd Reader Dobbits, ensuring a certain win for them; and certain destruction for us! Eight of the nine entries for this year have already been claimed by them, as they know only one other planet remanining that could possibly enter: Earth. Even though they were entirely statistically confident no human could pass The Trials of the Flying Seven Hoops, it would have been against regulations for them to take the final spot unless absolutely no non-Bzzarg pilot joined the Championship. I will take it for granted that you will volunteer entering, for otherwise we shall all perish by the cruel fires of Bzzargean Mallet Master McHines the IVth!

To be fair on us, the restraints of the competition allow you to choose any of the nine provided planes- but you will not be able to spend time getting aquainted with your plane before the Championship begins. Understanding what makes your plane unique in controlling it is essential if you are to be able to defeat the Plin'd Reader Dobbits. Unfortunately, they will be able to anticipate your every move and try to replicate them exactly! This air-fight will only be possible to win due to the wide variety of prowess each plane has, because otherwise you would be surely swarmed by your seemingly clones.

I have sent you a short manual to describe to you how the planes provided for this competition operate, so you should have an easier time getting started. Good luck, brave flyer! Over 'n' Outside.

- Flight Commander Flacko

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i love this game! i love the

i love this game! i love the picture!

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Thank you!! I enjoyed making

Thank you!! I enjoyed making both of those very much :)

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kit bashed masterpiece

after a few rounds i can confidently say i love this~

from the pre-flight 'click & smile' intro to the deliciously overloaded HUD, this game is a true triumph of execution. i doubt the clickteam resource artist(s?) ever dreamed their assets would make it into something this cool.

i look forward to further pursuit of the aerofighter championhip title!!!

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ahh thank you so much! :D

ahh thank you so much! :D I'm glad you appreciate my excessive uses of klik graphics, I loove using them in as many ways possible!

It took me a few tries to

It took me a few tries to get it but I won!

Also it's a lot of fun to fly the planes on the select plane screen.

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Yah the plane select screen

Yah the plane select screen was my demo for having all planes controlled at once. I left it in cause it was funny!

The takeoff screen is one of

The takeoff screen is one of my favourite parts. It's like I'm 7 years old again with a plastic Flash Gordon helmet or whatever, pressing every button and adjusting every lever to make sure the immutably arcane takeoff process goes off without a hitch.

I agree: FANTASTIC execution on this, mno! Thumbs up!!!

PS: Not just with this program, but with several MMF2/Fusion projects - even my own... AVG antivirus is basically jamming up everything. Anyone else having this problem?

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Haha, I'm glad you enjoy

Haha, I'm glad you enjoy that scene so much! It was a lot of work to put together, but totally worth it :)

RE-PS: I've not even heard of things like that... that's messed up :(

very impressive !

very impressive !

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I'm glad you like it :)

I'm glad you like it :)

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I was extremely intimidated

I was extremely intimidated by the screen cap and the description! I was thinking this was going to be a very difficult to play and abstract and scary! I had to pump myself up for this game, I said to myself that I could handle it and then it was kind of the exact opposite of what I thought it was, never judge a book by it's cover as they say. That entire tunnel section blew my socks off, I was so excited and happy like a little kid again or something, the illusion of the hud and everything works really well. I love how mashed up visually everything is when you're in battle like how all of the projectiles are completely different and the background is kind of just a collage of different backgrounds, it's very visually intense. I'm glad the mechanics were as simple as they were for how complicated the hud was as that kind of frightened me too after I pressed [P]. Highly recommended game, wow!

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Thank you for your words :)

Thank you for your words :) It sounds like you got out of it exactly what I hoped some people would!

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Review Quotations Quota

Is anybody interesting in having their own words about this game quoted publically - on a tumblr post?? Normally I make up my own quotes for the most part but people have said such lovely things I'd like to use all of them :) Respond to this if you'd like to be quoted from your review, or if you want to write your own summary for me to quote, as well as how you'd like to be cited (like "gt user x", a link to yer page or something, or anonymous, etc). Thanks!!

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Yeah, sure

Yeah, do whatever!

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Thank you :) I loved yer

Thank you :) I loved yer review!!


You're welcome to use my words as much as you like (but I doubt the stuff about the antivirus issues are sexy enough...).

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I like quoting things that

I like quoting things that are unhelpful to people in understanding what anything is about, so antivirus issues ARE sexy enough to me! Thanks.

<3 love this

love this

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hey, thank you!! glad you

hey, thank you!! glad you enjoy it :)