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Hello all!

Firstly, thanks for your previous help with running and recordng my mate Dan's old KnP/TGF games. I had lots of success and am hoping a video montage of my results will be released at some point this year!

Now onto the point of this thread: Dan was emptying out an old cupboard and found:

a bunch of old KnP Klub newsletter floppies (13 of them, ranging between April '95 and December '96)
Super 6 ("six original games to be used with Klik & Play") on floppy from '94
Space Games (seems to be 4 KnP games by Anoa Production, on CD from around '96, called Twin, Atomic Chill, Virus Protection and Attraction)
a CD copy of KnP

I was wondering whether, assuming all the data is still intact, any of this stuff is of interest or use to the community..?

EDIT: I've now attached them to this post!

(NB if I forget to respond to this thread, you can always nudge me at @TimeGentleman on twitter)

Space Games.zip136.27 MB
Graphics 2 - 3D Flags.zip1.37 MB
Graphics 2 - 3D Objects.zip1.18 MB
News Apr 95.zip1.02 MB
News Apr 96.zip840.4 KB
News Aug 95.zip1005.38 KB
News Aug 96.zip1.24 MB
News Feb 96.zip964.66 KB
News Jun 95.zip1003.92 KB
News Jun 96.zip1.19 MB
News Oct 95.zip958.45 KB
News Oct Dec 96 PART.zip675.79 KB
Super Six.zip1.32 MB
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I have a feeling most

I have a feeling most answers to this will be 'yes to all', provided it's not too much trouble!

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it might be worth throwing

it might be worth throwing some of this stuff up on the internet archive, particularly the newsletters.

atomic chill was also on another compilation cd of klik games. dunno if anyone still has that one lying around, but it'd be nice to have them both together.

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Great! I'll probably grab

Great! I'll probably grab them all tomorrow. Don't know what the best way is for sharing them - Google Docs should do fine, I guess? Might need to use Dropbox depending on size, but if that's the case I may only be able to put them up temporarily due to not having much DB space left!

Is the copy of KnP useful in any way? I thought perhaps these might be in short supply or have variants or something..?

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You could probably just

You could probably just attach them to your opening post since SpindleyQ seems to like things like this being hosted on this site. If you want be sure you could ask.

I'm not sure about the CD copy of KnP...

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I will happily host

I will happily host everything* if you'd like! You should be able to attach zipfiles to comments / posts up to several hundred megs in size with no issue.

* except, I guess, for the Klik & Play CD. *sigh* Glorious Trainwrecks has historically not endorsed the rogue distribution of commercial software, even if it's out of print and impossible to get running on modern PCs. However, is an organization that, as a registered non-profit internet library, actually appears to have a legal leg to stand on for preserving this stuff and making it available to the wider public. Hit me up in a PM or on Twitter (@SpindleyQ) if you would like any help making sure it finds a good home.

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Alright, I've now attached

Alright, I've now attached them all to the OP. Hope these are helpful to the community!

Spindley - please hit me up on twitter re. the KnP CD :)

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Thanx for posting

I like diskmags and zines... at least I have KNP for Schools to open up these old my KNP disc is just too old for modern computers


amazing stuff, thanks Ben and Dan!

these totally refuse to run on my PC, if anyone can load them can you see if there is any reference at all to X-PLODE by Jonathan Cheetham, its a game i submitted to their pay-a-couple-of-quid-for-a-KNP-game-for-some-reason thing they did.

it would be my first ever completed game and a total nostalgia trip if its in there.

failing that some advice on how to run these would be great!

thanks all


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If you ask me, I've been working hard playing klik games in my spare time. Thanks to Mr. Podunkian and his luxurious klik archive, I was able to experience all the classic gems not many were able to get ahold of. No sense in not taking any chances using a package of old games as you already have them right in front of your nose!

Now if only someone has an archive of all the klik games made in the early 2000's here.. that would be rather amusing

As for these oldies, I'll test each one of them later today