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A quick reflexes game by Lynx

Press an arrow key before hitting the middle of the screen to travel that direction.
Collect power bubbles!
Press spacebar when powerbar is full to slow down.

Post your highscores!

Use the mouse to click on the sides to move in that direction!
Press the middle of the screen to use powerup.
Try to bet the highscore which is now at 79 and set by sergiocornaga of Glorious Trainwrecks!

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like a more nerve wracking

like a more nerve wracking version of tron, my high score was 16 rooms

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This is strangely addictive!

This is strangely addictive! I keep coming back to it.
My (low) high score is 78. It just gets too fast for me after that, I have awful reflexes, so this game is great for (hopefully) improving that.

A lovely little game!

The only tiny 'flaw' I can think of is that you need to use the mouse to start and restart the game after you die, it would be great if we could just use the spacebar instead, if that's possible.

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Holy crap! My high score is 50! Good work and thanks for the feedback. It's actually designed for mobile and you can use the mouse (finger)to click (press) hotspots. I think I will add a spacebar start option though.

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Ah, of course, so that's why

Ah, of course, so that's why it was designed that way. I feel silly now, sorry! ^^;
That's neat, as I was playing it I thought about how a mobile version of this would be great.

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discovered what i thought

discovered what i thought mightve been input lag but then i realized what youve done. if you miss a turning (e.g. left) and you press the left arrow key after the opening, the diamond will continue moving forward until it hits the point where it checks for directions thus hitting a wall.

kinda annoying and you really have to press the key at a specific spot but good effort overall cos its a damn sight better than anything i could do in mmf2

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I was going for Pac-man style where you can press the direction key anytime before or at the intersection. Thanks for playing!

Speed movements

Thinking ahead becomes a serious challenge when the rooms start zipping past you.

And I like the fact that the player dies instantly if they try to go back the way they came. :D That was my only major question when I started playing this one.

Nice work!

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Sometimes I press backwards just for fun.

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This is great. I'm hoping

This is great. I'm hoping I'll be able to post a really impressive score here soon. I wonder if a square playfield would be more rhythmically pleasing.

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Great feedback. I'm not sure

Great feedback. I'm not sure how having a square map would change things. I know I favor the horizontal directions when I play. I can't decide if I want to leave it to strategy or create all directions equal. I've still only gotten as high as 65 rooms at this point.

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Vertical definitely requires

Vertical definitely requires slightly quicker reaction times. A square playfield would likely mean that the time between sound effects increased steadily, which might result in a rhythm game sort of feel to button press timing. Or it could just make the game sound more boring, I'm not sure.

I managed to get 79 after trying really hard. Your move, dotdot!

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I just got 80 in the new

I just got 80 in the new version. Woo!

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Nice!! I so don't think I

I so don't think I can beat this but I'm certainly gonna tryyy~

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Rooms traveled: 101

Sorry! I'm afraid you'll have to try even harder now... I achieved this while muting sounds and listening to soothing piano music, but I can't say whether that was a factor.

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Just got 105!! I completely

Just got 105!!
I completely forgot to take a screenshot, though... Oops.

Muting the sounds and listening to relaxing music really helped a lot.

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I honestly didn't think I'd

I honestly didn't think I'd be able to beat this! But then I did.

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Update 1.5 (do the numbers really matter?)

I tried to download the update and realized the game file was still the old version in the zip.
See if this helps the scores.
Here's the new update. Post your comments and let me know your feedback!
No insta-Death if you go backwards either.
Next update will include a better soundscape and achievements!

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I thought it seemed

I thought it seemed extremely similar! My high score is relatively unchanged (got 99 a couple of times) and I'm reluctant to try harder for fear of alienating competitors. Being able to restart with spacebar would be nice. I will probably miss the old soundscape if you change it.

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On Kongregate

Most recent version is now available on Kongregate!

Thanks guys for the support!

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Tough to find!

Here's the link to save others time.

When playing with the mouse, it's possible to travel backwards the way you came into a room! You just have to twirl the cursor around in some weird way...