Missin the point

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Made for klik of the month 91

I had to work yesterday, so I did it today instead.

This is a game about missing the point.

Made For: 
An event


i miss youuuu - bjork

i miss youuuu - bjork

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in my haste to publsih i uploaded an old version. it's all better now, though. i fixed it so nice


The Paralyze spell ALMOST worked...! I'll rescue him next time, though I may have missed something in the explanation... ;)

So how did you come up with the different iterations? Did you run them through a translator program or just come up with it yourself?

This was amusing and absurd. Nice work!

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I wrote a program using this library:


that randomly replaces words in a sentence with ones that are slightly related. Then I just ran each snippet of dialogue through it a bunch of times.

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That's such a great idea.

That's such a great idea. That along with the last part and the visuals made me feel like I was about to have a mild anxiety attack. Good job!

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The way the explanation gets

The way the explanation gets corrupted over time was really interesting.

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So unless I missed

So unless I missed something....

missed something....

I think you may have uploaded _Venus Fly Shrapt_ because when I extract it and try to play it, it's _Venus Fly Shrapt_ (the thanksgiving game).

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That's weird!

Maybe you still had venus fly shrapt installed in the same default directory that this game tries to install to. I wouldn't put it past RPGMaker to have weird issues where things like that cause problems.

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Am I supposed to run the

Am I supposed to run the setup again? Do you know? Maybe I should just try to figure it out, but I thought you might have relevant information.

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I just tested it and it

I just tested it and it seems to work on my end. Here's what I did:

1) Unzip the file. This will give you a folder called called 'Missed' with the setup executable inside'
2) Run setup and install the game to 'Missed' - the same folder the setup executable is in.
3) Now you should have a folder called 'Miss' inside the folder 'Missed'
4) Open 'Miss' and run the game by clicking the executable called 'RPG_RT'

Just in case, I would delete any old installation of the game before trying this.

And thanks for putting in the effort to play this game. This sort of thing reminds me why RPGMaker 2000 is probably not a great platform for broad distribution. Who wants to bother with an installer anymore?

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I wasn't installing it into

I wasn't installing it into the same folder as the executable. That was the problem.

Also I should mention that my text looks blocky and hard to read compared to the text in the screenshot.

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Thanks for the testing, it's

Thanks for the testing, it's really useful. I'm trying to figure out the font problem now.

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It's like this with the

It's like this with the Thanksgiving game too.