Swim Rush

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"An action RPG" featuring the chance to play as Michael Phelps. Liberal use of KnP sprites, which was fun to do. Inspired by 80's action films.

Built with Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Sounds made with BFXR. Music from playonloop.com .

When swimming, press SHIFT/JOY BUTTON 1 to go faster. Release the button to regain stamina, which increases over time.

Sorry this is late for the event. And I apologize for not having a Flash version. I've been encountering strange problems lately when trying to compile builds, and I haven't been able to fix them yet.


EDIT 27 Jan 2015: added some graphical flair, object rotations, and instant quit via the ESC key; modified one sound effect. It makes me wanna play some beach volleyball now.

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An event


pros : wonderful clickteam

pros : wonderful clickteam fusion graphics and gameplay, all of this with a good dose of surrealism.
cons : it has no dwaight.

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...Although I think Dwight has his time and place, I hardly think a talking piece of poo is suitable as a recurring character. I know my games are generally shitty, but I think his extended involvement as a mascot for my studio wouldn't be a wise PR move... ;)

;-;but i see your point

but i see your point there
also your games are not shitty

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Not Shitty, Good Game!

Deff not shitty, especially not this one. I enjoy how the stamina and strength work so you really have to balance your way through the match, but not in an intuitive way, so you are forced to pay attention to the bars and how they work in this specific game which is cool. I also really enjoy the placement of all the clipart characters. It's pretty funny that most of the background characters are just trapped on an island surrounded by Popsicles. It's also interesting seeing the Popsicles as buoys because in this context they don't really look like Popsicles at all.