City Life

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This is a game-like product made with RPGMaker 2000. Interact with the arrow keys. Quit the game by pressing 'x' to open the menu and selecting the appropriate option. There is not any way to finish the game, so just take it in until you've had enough.


I'm testing to see whether I can distribute RM2K games without requiring the user to run an installer. Let me know if you have any issues running the game.

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An event


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It worked fine for

It worked fine for me.

Jesus, I don't know what I expected from the screenshot, but that was one hell of an experience. Does it have an end state?

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Nope, no end state. I kind

Nope, no end state. I kind of think of it as being an interactive painting more than a game.

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I used a build that required

I used a build that required an installer. However, the "game-like product" seemed to work fine after installation. Running Windows 7 32-bit.

And yeah, I have no idea how you did that in RM2K, or even what in the world was happening. I was in New Vegas' back alleys or something...!

And the Paralyze spell DIDN'T work!!! ;)

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thanks for playing

One day I'll make one where Paralyze is the key to the entire game.

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For the record, I tried to

For the record, I tried to open this like I would any other game (but as we have discussed, I use the RPGMAker installer for the Thanksgiving Game) and it ran immediately with no additional adjustments.