Chutes and Hackers!

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Hello! Welcome to my game!

The Hacker wants to take over the world but they must check their email first. Guide them through the grid maze. [Red Objects save your progress] and [Green Objects display your email].

WASD/Arrow keys - Move around
Space - Respawn at last [Red Object]
R - Reset at start
Esc - Exit game
P - Unlock Mouse
0 - Lock Mouse

Content warnings
You can fall.

Thank you's and Credits
Thanks to Tentabropy for code help and constant support.
Thanks to whoever made tron probably.
Thanks to Danny Boy for making the song "DiscoMix" that is featured in this game.
Thanks to Death Grips for making the song "Thru The Walls" that is featured in this game.
Thanks to whoever made the movie Hackers.
Tux was drawn by with The GIMP.


Marie Gevaudan
Made For: 
An event


did you sing in this game

did you sing in this game ?

also, this is a roguelike that plays like a platformer. nice.

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no danny boy is singing, i

no danny boy is singing, i can't speak dutch.
this is not a roguelike, those usually involve permadeath and random generation.
its more like a 2d zelda i think

i' m confused but nice game

i' m confused but nice game

Outstanding challenge

The soundtrack kept me going. That, and I didn't want to let down my little smiley face friend.

I felt like I was doing all right, despite the numerous surprises. Then, after making it past the disappearing ring path waaaaaaay up high, the entire blue platform disappeared. There was no bottom... I'll need a minute before I try again - although I do appreciate that the rest of the level is like a warm-up to that moment. I suppose I just have to work up my endurance.

It's also nice to see that you can look below you for any email you may have missed.

Very well done, gevaudan!!!

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thank you very much! the

thank you very much! the disappearing ring path is kind of the final challenge, i kind of made of hard...