I have finished my game for the gift season. Thank Christ.

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I might do an exmas game, separate from the exmas KOtM, involving Santa Claus and a house in some way. One or two screens a day from the first to the twenty fifth. Obviously this thread is where updates will be go. I should probably start planning it now.

Off I fly.

Aw hells yeah, it's finished. All the loose endy bits like the lack of text file and title screen name are all sewn up. Well, all except for that last part anyway, couldn't be arsed thinking of a name for the damn thing. Upload in this post here.

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cute, like an advent

cute, like an advent calendar!

I had a Lego Advent Calendar one year. It rocked.

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Tell me it gave you lego

Tell me it gave you lego pieces daily so you could progressively build, like, a sleigh or something. Or was it just chocolate?

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it was a small set every

it was a small set every day, and then every fifth day or so they also gave you some instructions for something that combined a few previous day's altogether.

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that sounds both really

that sounds both really supercool and hideously expensive

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Not hideously! I guess

Not hideously!
I guess they're not in the USA this year (or maybe it was an import when I got it before)
I just Ebay'd one for $35 :-)

The individual kits are really small and minimal, like between 5 and15 pieces each, but cute.

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Oh and Pizza you big

Oh and Pizza you big philanthropic softie I am looking forward to this gift

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I'm not going to reveal

I'm not going to reveal anything yet (mostly because I'm not exactly sure how it's going to turn out yet) but I am really going to have to do animations that match the quality of the ones in Dethbus.

Not that that will be a gauge on what the game will be like mind you.

I wanted to make an X-Mas

I wanted to make an X-Mas game, but mine was just for the XMASKotM :(

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Xmas ADVENTure

In Australialand it's already the first, so time for a release.

Boy it sure looks bare bones as anything without a title screen and only one frame of incredibly limited enjoyment that keeps looping since there's no next scene to go to.

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That is delightful and also

That is delightful and also more than slightly disturbing.

I hope the "bare bones" comment was at least kind of intentional, Mr. Time.

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I've kind of set the tone

I've kind of set the tone for the rest of the game though I'll now have to work on varying it enough to fill twenty five screens.

I hope to add a minigame called Kris Kris Kringle Revolution at some point.

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For some reason whenever I

For some reason whenever I read "Kris Kris Kringle Revolution" I can only think of Santa spinning around to upbeat J-pop with an Indonesian dagger in each hand and a Norwegian pastry in his mouth.

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Requesting that this game be

Requesting that this game be titled "Kuster Klaus's Revenge (in Khristmas Klik-o-Vision)".

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Kuster Klaus's Revenge (in Khristmas Klik-o-Vision)

The next screen is evil, evil, evil. If you get too hot under the collar you might want to cheat and open it up in KnP to see where to go.

This is now evolving into a mix of Custer's Revenge and that bitchin' unfair flash platformer that a buzz was made about some time ago. You know, the ASCII one that is blatantly unfair until you Another World it.

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roooboooot hooouuuse!

This screen sucks. Sorry.

This is why it sucks; I was intending on having the cleaning guard droid (which was going to look like the Bumpusville robot in Sam & Max Hit the Road until I considered that R2D2 would be more amusing) was going to be an actual guard robot who would detect you based on a dead simple line-of-sight event and then when you'd go up to him and be all "hey R2, what is up" it'd whip out a hidden gun and fry your jolly red arse with about sixteen fireballs. But it was taking longer than I wanted so I just made him shoot off lasers which would be more at home in Crusader: No Remorse.

I can always go back later and fix that though.

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I couldn't be arsed to do

I couldn't be arsed to do anything on it yesterday so that is why it was a no-show. To make up I have done two screens, a scene selector which circumvents my cuntiness of dumping the player back at the first stage when they stuff up (I might make this a secret screen in future) and have expanded the controls a bit. You'll have to use button two in one of the new screens but you'll have to figure out where and when. I should probably make a read.me for the game and include such information inside, maybe tomorrow. Maybe not, on account of the hella big storms we're getting on the east coast.

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You don't see Santa failing

You don't see Santa failing to make his deliveries due to inclement weather now do you. I can't really talk though, in melbourne we had barely 12 hours of pathetic dripping. Not even Snoop Dogg was happy with the poor amount of drizzle, my nizzle.

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uhh did you change the jump

uhh did you change the jump to frame event in screen three?

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uhh, I will tomorrow. Guess

uhh, I will tomorrow.

Guess that level select comes in handy when I neglect the general design.

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also, god, this game is

also, god, this game is shaping up to be totally and utterly spectacular.

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Finally, I can access the

Finally, I can access the site. Though it's real slow eh.

The next screen requires two buttons, though it's up to you to find out which order you press them in and where. I am introducing an item that you need to pick up and, since KnP shies upon things such as global values I am using player one's score to track whether you have it or not since scores travel from one frame to the next. I'll have a different item tracked by different player scores but that means I won't be able to have more than four items in the game. I do have an idea that might work which only uses one score object but I already see it as cumbersome.

xmas.zip47.97 KB

The way I see itm you could

The way I see it, you could kinda store multiple binary variablse in one score, but it'd require multiple equality checks.

If you're going to feature four items, there's going to be two possibilities for each (have and not have). 2^4 = 16. Therefore, the combined variable would have possible values from 0 to 15. Look at the list below and think of the binary digits as on/off switches corresponding to the items.

0000 - 0
0001 - 1
0010 - 2
0011 - 3
0100 - 4
0101 - 5
0110 - 6
0111 - 7
1000 - 8
1001 - 9
1010 - 10
1011 - 11
1100 - 12
1101 - 13
1110 - 14
1111 - 15

To turn an item 'on', add to its bit to turn it from 0 to 1. To turn it 'off', subtract from it to turn it from 1 to 0.

The four positions
1 1 1 1
8 4 2 1
Add these numbers to turn bits on, and subtract them to turn them off.

Of course, to check whether a bit is on or off, you'd have to check for all numbers that include it. For example, to check if the rightmost bit is on, you'd have to check for the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 (the odd numbers). To check if it's off, you'd have to check for the evens. I think there's another way of doing it - checking the numbers that DON'T have the bit state you're checking for.

The advantage to all this seems to be that it's easier to check for multiple bit states simultaeneously - just check for all the numbers that contain them (or perhaps all the numbers that don't contain them if it involves fewer checks that way).

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The way that I envisaged it

The way that I envisaged it was to have every combination of different items in the game and assign them to a number then as you acquire items and lose items that number would change. Like if I had a spoon, a chair and a length of rope I'd have that as the number 5 and if I got a Big Stick I'd have another number which would represent all of those items. Then if I lost my Big Stick and say the chair the remaining items would be represented by another different number. Just by that example things are starting to get really convoluted. It's probably along the lines of your suggestion but it hurts my brain just thinking about it.

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BiggerJ's suggestion is

BiggerJ's suggestion is actually exactly the same, except it's easier to remember which number corresponds to which combination if you mentally assign a bit to each item. It's still hella unwieldy though, what with having to do 8 different tests to see if you are carrying a particular item. But I guess you could do all the conditions once, on a blank level, then copy that template over for each new level you create.

By the way... unfair removal of items? I like. It's positively grinch. Maybe it's just that I would love to see your pixel interpretation of said ne'er-do-well

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Yeah, looking a second time

Yeah, looking a second time it is the same but I've now done away with it because of the level select. Even though there won't be cleverness that tracks your items across frames I'll still work in losing items somehow.

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You can do it in one

You can do it in one equation; to see if bit 3 is set, you simply do "whatever mod 8 >= 4". I did this for one of the early KotMKs, except in base 10 to make it easier to work out in my head, and needlessly since I only kept track of like 3 bits anyway.

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isn't impossible to not have

isn't impossible to not have the item though? I mean, you can't leave the room without it...

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I let you escape with an

I let you escape with an item this time but in future screens...

And that's before I add in events that lead to the unfair removal of items. It's easier to keep track of things this way. For the future.

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A new day and a whole gaggle

A new day and a whole gaggle of screens. Think of it as an intermission or a Half-Life 2 cutscene, something arty farty like that. And just to be a total bastard I've left you all on a cliffhanger.

Happy trails.

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In one of these next screens

In one of these next screens another stealth element is shown. It was going to be more in depth than the Ghostbusters II bathroom goo monster screen but it just wasn't working for me so I axed it completely. Maybe I can cause the game to end a few days before the 25th so I can go back and fix up all the things I wanted in the firs place though since I'm a lazy boy I probably won't do that.

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Kill all the humans

Hey, who likes murderous rubbish bin robots because that damn robot is back and he fires so fast you don't even see the flash. I probably should have made the robot take longer to guard the hallway but I am too mentally drained after today to even bother.

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Only a dead quick screen

Only a dead quick screen today but the unfinished title screen makes up for it. You press buton (sic) one to start the game but button two will take you to the level select.

The next few screens will come at the same time since they are all part of one longer area, breaking them up is a cheap way to fill up twenty five different scenes but to make it not look like that I might skip a day or two's update. I am planning a minimum of three which all deal with the end of the father character. If you don't like spoilers then don't read the previous sentence.

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Tally ho!

You know that crack I made about the father character...

I lied.

I've been slacking off a bit haven't I. At least I eventually sat down and got seven more events done or maybe it was six, I can't for the life of me remember what number I was up to at the last update. These have some of the violentest scenes I've done so far, lots of blood explosions for your entertainment.

xmas.zip84.48 KB
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You do play as Santa so it's

You do play as Santa so it's only natural that you get around to the actual delivery part of your job. No high-tech, Mission Impossible-style descend from the chimney via cables cat-burglar tomfoolery, just walk right up and drop the packages.

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that level select screen is

that level select screen is worth the price of admission alone

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I'm trying to get one or two

I'm trying to get one or two days ahead so I can get all 25 scenes done before the 23rd, that's why the scene count goes up to 21.

xmas.zip95.4 KB
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This is officially the

This is officially the longest time period I have spent on any game and one that is actually going to get finished and the first trainwreck to be of such low quality. Oh who am I kidding, none of my trainwrecks are quality products.

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I like seeing the file size

I like seeing the file size gradually increase each zip file.

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Okay, so I didn't get it

Okay, so I didn't get it finished by today like I wanted to. But hey, I made the level select a real hidden screen now by replacing the button press with an actual cheat code which I won't tell but if you put your mind to it it's easy to figure out.

xmas.zip106.9 KB
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this is tough, but

this is tough, but wonderful!

there's still a few bugs, like some screens aren't linked together. like the "oh snap" screen, and the hallway before returning to the electrical floor at the very end.

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Oh you are right. This

Oh you are right.

This version should fix those two screens.

xmas.zip255.01 KB
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Dude this isbut like so

Dude this is
(hotlinked image which turned into goatse redacted)
but like so many works of genius I don't get it

i know there's extra genius because of the version with the screen select but i can't get past the zzap floor 'cause I'm dumb.

but i love how this feels like a SCUMM game....

it might even be rich enough to deserve its own walkthrough player's guide... if only...

anyway have a very merry all -- i was able to spruce up my Sugardum KotM and recycle it as a "personalized homemade e-card" for all my friends and family, so that was a win.

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The level select screen is

The level select screen is the way it is because I thought it was hilarious to the point of falling off my chair and dinging my shoulder on the tiled floor. I didn't intend for it to be genius just something that would have me giggle like a schoolgirl, like the dick exploding animation or the "surprise sex" event that never made it into the game.

The electric floor screen was an area that I came back to many times to reconsider if I should have visual cues to show where the electric pads are but in the end decided that having them invisible would better suit my goal of making the game unfairly difficult (which I admit didn't really go any further than that screen and the other one later on set in the same area). It (unintentionally) ended up being a bit of a rote learning exercise, kind of like the section of the speeder bike stage in Battletoads where the barriers appear without indication (though you at least can see them for a split second before you plow into them). Having the electric pads on an angle to match the perspective of the floor doesn't really make it any easier either. I might not do a walkthrough but doing up an image showing where you have to walk might be a helpful compromise.

I'd say it succeeds in being a trainwreck so I am happy with my design decisions.