New Knytt Stories level: A Visit to Grandmother's

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So here's a new Knytt Stories level for the people who play that game. It's called A Visit to Grandmother's, and you can guess the plot from the title. It's built around a tune from Two Headed Dino by Ben Bartlett (the tune is, I mean), but I added a short track by Incompetech to the beginning to keep it from being too repetitive. I hope you guys like it!

Healy - A Visit to Grandmother's.knytt_.bin2.68 MB


I love knytt stories and I

I love knytt stories and I want to try this out, but I have no idea how to play the custom levels. Maybe I'll look it up :P

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It's actually really easy!

It's actually really easy! You just click 'install level' on the title screen and then drag the downloaded file onto the game window. Or if you're using Knytt Stories + (a modded version with various improvements) you don't even have to click 'install level', you can just drag it onto the game window right after starting it up.