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Special thanks to Sergiocornaga for this one, I have presented.. a WORKBOOK. You can draw in it, and follow along with me as I give you the lowdown on the basics for drawing, and how to make some advanced looking gradients. What are they? I don't want to spoil them. Heck, I haven't really fully tried anything yet. Be ZZPioneers and share if you like, send your results to this event, keep it for yourself, make a pretty animation like I did here. I dunno, it's up to you.

Also note, playing this hopefully won't change your ideas of ZZT or make your first game feel like it's too hard to make. I don't want to ruin the luster of the first project and this isn't really about that. It's just like a cool little thing you can fiddle in it, a template if you will with a little directions. I tried to go with minimal while still explaining in my words. I hope this helps people.

Also note: kevedit for windows is included. That might bug people that want to play this in dos version with dosbox or one of those other operating systems. http://kvance.com/kevedit/ here. You'll need the attachment Workrah.zip which includes just the zzt file if you don't want the FUUUULLLL program.

Next up:
to run it run kevedit, press L and open workbook.zzt

Note: ZZT isn't included with this. I don't think it's needed for what's here. If you're completely new to ZZT just get the zip, it SHOULD run in the GT.EXE in theory. I haven't tried it yet, I am just upping it now lol. just run it, press L and find workbook.zzt and press enter. It should be fun based on that screenshot right?

Anyway take care and hope you enjoy. -Ghettogenericseason

EDIT: 86ing out and into WEIRD GAMES MARATHON: I think this is a weird game in itself and a template for oddies others can use and enjoy, even if for screenshots / BACKDROPS.. WORLD TOUR.

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