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02/11/2015 - 14:00
03/05/2015 - 13:00

The most recent merged project file is here!

And here is a Google Doc where we can keep changes that we've made to the game.

To-do list:

-> make it so the player has some control over where Clyde and Chrissy appear in the museum (FirecatFG did this in his gallery. The other galleries should use the same method)

-Finish the museum:
-> Add Clyde and Chrissy's dialogue to the ihavefivehat and everythingstaken galleries.
-> Add echoey footstep noises?

-Keep working on the Main questline:
-> Zita then sends the player on the UFO quest or another quest
-> Finish UFO quest, make it so ending ties in with main quest. Ghosty has a choice to side with curators or Zita. DONE
-> Finish the World Breaker quest
-> Finish the Unstable Teleporter quest

-> Continue working on Ghosty's computer stuff
-> Start working on the RPG for the true ending (may be phased out?)

Ok, it's time to rock! Here's how it's going to work..........................

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to post an 'inspirational curiosity' every day and you will have the opportunity to extrapolate it into an RPG maker game! Suggested work time is 15 - 30 minutes. But if you want, you can take longer... or you can take shorter. It's all up to you!!!!! THE CHOICE IS YOURS TO COMMAND.

Don't feel like you have to be able to make a game everyday to participate. Maybe you can only do it on the weekends. Maybe you can only do it when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars. That's okay, just do what you can and submit it! The more games, the better!

Please post your games as attachments in the comment section so that we don't flood the new games feed.

In case you need it, here is the link to RPG Maker 2003.

Here is a cool website which you can use to create character sprites really quickly.

Here's an old website with a bunch of miscellaneous resources

And another.

This website has a bunch of MIDI versions of video game tracks.

Have fun!!!!!!!!


march 1st?!:


February has always been known as a time of temporal instability, but a quadruple leap year!? That's practically unheard of. For a while there I wasn't sure if we'd ever make it to march, but here we are. We're in like a lion, and everything's cool.

I'm going to take a few days to make up for some of the days I missed, and then I'll finish up compiling our games into one project file. From there we can figure out how we want the final mega game be.

woo! woo! WOO!

Feb 32nd:
Today, you should make a game inspired in some way by this midi version of Moby's 'Lift Me Up'. You can use the song itself, or the feeling the song give you, or the title, or whatever.

(selected using the random midi function on cool-midi.com)

Feb 31st:

Feb 30th: (I'm trapped in a time pocket where february extends indefinitely! help!)

random word generation + search in the Art Institute of Chicago's online database.
Word is 'trails'
Work is 'Tent Rock Trail' by Gustave Baumann

Feb 29th:

The sacred heart of st. camillus de lellis

Feb 28th:

random image on photo.net.
title 'try to win the race of life'

Feb 27th:

method: latest image posted on livejournal

Feb 26th:

random image generator at photo.net

Feb 25th:

method: random word generator + google image search + random number generator to choose from results

Feb 24th:

method: took picture of my living room, wrote program the chose a random point on the image the then took a close-up of the object beneath that point.

Feb 23rd:

method: random numbers + book of paintings

Feb 22nd:


We did it! We're halfway there! Take the day off to rest, reflect, and recuperate. Tomorrow, we will come back full force for the last 11 days of this grueling RPG death gauntlet!

Feb 21st:

method: random number generator and national geographic; I had collaged using this magazine in the past so there is stuff cut out.

Feb 20th:

method: ads on weather.com

Feb 19th:

method: Random number generator and a pile of old national geographics

Feb 18th:

method: classic random word generator today

Feb 17th:

Today's image is courtesy of Sergio Cornaga (thanks sergio!)
it's from The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects by Mike Mignola

February 16th:

method: the book shelf method, using covers only

February 15th:

method: Used Random Word Generator to search in the database of the Museum of Modern Art (the word was 'handling'). Chose specific work out of those results using a random number generator.

Feel free to also use the hyper-descriptive excerpt on the museum's page:

February 14th::

method: random number generator to pick book/page from my shelf
(from Hairless Who no. 1 by Joe Tallarico)

February 13th:::

method: random number generation + google search

February 12th::::

method: used the random poem function on allpoetry.com. chose first one that fit on my screen without scrolling.

February 11th:::

MarathonGameMar20thV3.zip33.47 MB
marathongameJun24-2017.zip56.05 MB


NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
3D Dogs10/23/2017 - 20:26ihavefivehatScreenshot (4).png5
Restless Tides01/02/2017 - 12:37CharlieVerminrestlesstides03.png0
Politikula05/21/2016 - 11:59CharlieVerminpolitamok.png2
Never Be Here: The TEASER12/24/2015 - 06:48CharlieVerminNBHT_screenshot.png1


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Finally, a kinda chunky update full of updatey stuff.

Today I implemented 4 out of 10 planned rituals for the Unstable Teleporter quest. I would love feedback as to whether these are fun to figure out or just frustrating. I feel like they could go either way, but it's hard to tell since I designed them.

Eventually, there will be a place where Ghosty will be able to get hints about the locations and methods of certain rituals, but I haven't put that in yet. So... use these hints instead:

For the game 'Different Worlds' on Feb 16:
"Feast on hearts. Then, vomit into a clay vase. Lastly, anoint the four sacred calves with the expelled solution."

For 'We Hated Those Guys' on Feb 17:
"When the dead souls bloom, stand atop them fertilize their blossoms with the seed of your own flesh. Then, when the four flames blaze, proceed to the land of the dead."

For 'Teeth of Fury' on Feb 11:
“When two teeth remain… proceed to the center of the uvula and wait until the appointed time.”

For 'Death Walks' on Feb 28:
“Deny knowledge three times, and a third choice shall reveal itself to you.”


Let me know what you think! And see the Google Doc for more details.

marathongameAug26a.zip38.71 MB
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August 28a

A real small update, i mostly just implemented everythingistaken's parent folder idea. I dont have much of an idea on how to start with the third item quest.
The ritual segment looks cool so far, the Feb 16 and 17 segments in particular are pretty fun to figure out, however that might be because i already knew what items i needed to use. And in the Feb 28 riddle, i think it's a bit ambiguous whethever you need to deny HAVING the knowledge, or deny NEEDING the knowledge.
Also, i noticed we haven't yet implemented Chrissy and Clyde commentary on everythingistaken's and ihavefivehat's gallery. Would you want me to do that while you work on the other things?

marathongameAug28a.rar944.75 KB
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thanks for the feedback!

I'm thinking of making the hint system more visual... sort of like obscure looking treasure maps that ghosty can find. I'll figure that out after I put in the rituals themselves, though.

And yeah, putting in Chrissy and Clyde's dialogue would be a super helpful thing to do. Thanks!

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Quick update: I added the ritual for Feb 13. Here is a clue if you want to test it:

"Ascend and descend until the you hear the sound of the chime. Then burn away your impurities."

marathongameAug28b.zip36.56 MB
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I added two more rituals... one for the game Feed Me by Sergio (Feb 22), and one for my game, Cat Eyes (Feb 27).

Here are some hints in case you want to test them out:

Feed Me: Two vessels await… Touch each 5 times. Then, the bones will show you the way. Without flesh, drown yourself before the unknowable.

Cat Eyes: BLUE, GREEN, RED, RED, GREEN, BLUE. When the six eyes are opened, emerge from dreams into a new world.


And yeah, these hints are just place holders. I'm going to put in visual ones later on. Some will be maps, and others will be more like rebuses. They'll be items in your inventory, and you'll be able to view them whenever. Hopefully that will make it interesting and fun to figure these out.

marathongameAug29a.zip36.56 MB
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August 30a

I like the ritual for feed me, although i had to look in the editor to realize you had to jump specifically on the space under the sign. I hope the pictograms will make it more obvious.
Anyways, I finished the Chrissy and Clyde dialogs for ihavefivehat's gallery. I think merged it correctly with the latest update. I also modified my Attacked By Birds level slightly.
Also, i don't know if i did something wrong. But as far as i can tell the way the ritual for Cat Eyes is scripted makes it impossible to actually go past the first digit. I included in my update what i think is the fix.
Also also, while trying to do the dialogs for ihavefivehat's gallery i realized there's two different sculptures on it for Different Worlds (The group of skeletons in the left, and the jar filled with dots) but none for DrDr. Maybe we should fix this?

marathongameAug30a.rar951.77 KB
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thanks for lookin' out for

thanks for lookin' out for bugs and putting in the c&c dialogue!

right now, these quests are toeing the line between interesting and very frustrating. i'm hoping that the hint system i make will put them firmly into the 'interesting' category.

and I think those sculptures are in EIT's gallery, so i'll let him chime in on which one was supposed to be drdr. but good catch on that also!

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I'm trying to figure out

I'm trying to figure out what the ritual clues are going to look like. I'm trying to land somwhere between 'looks like it was drawn by an insane person' and 'pretty legible'.

I don't think I quite struck that balance yet, but just so you have an idea of where I'm at:

ritualClueWeHatedThoseGuys.png6.25 KB
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This is a smallish update. I started implementing the overall structure which will bind the rituals together.

There will be a semi-invisible masked figure on each calendar day with a ritual in one of it's games. When ghosty confronts these people, they will teleport away and drop the instructions to the ritual on that day. They will also drop a clue which will provide a hint for Ghosty to find their secret hideout in the museum's basement. I haven't made the hideout yet, but it will point Ghosty in the direction of the remaining masked figures.

I only put in one masked figure so far, though. They're on February 17th. (the farm)

marathongameAug31a.zip36.58 MB
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September 1

I went ahead and added the dialogs for everythingistaken's gallery. I had to modify the ending events in their games to add a "Games completed" variable.

marathongameSep01a.rar959.11 KB
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I didn't do anything in-game today, but I made a bunch of clue- pictures.

I attached all the ones I've made so far!

ritualClueWeHatedThoseGuys.png6.34 KB
ritualClueTeethofFury.png6.3 KB
ritualClueFeedMe.png6.8 KB
ritualClueDifferentWorlds.png6.01 KB
ritualClueDeathWalks.png9.74 KB
ritualClueCatEyes.png6.41 KB
ritualClueAttackofTheBirdPeople.png7.53 KB
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I went ahead and implemented the butterman adventures ritual, but I'm too tired to actually draw the clue image for it right now.

marathongameSep02a.zip36.59 MB
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This update contains the last two rituals, the ones for Sundial Town and Too Many Blobs. In case anyone would like to test them, here are the image clues for them.

I also started working on the structure that will connect all the rituals, but it's far from complete.

ritualClueTooManyBlobs.png7.43 KB
ritualClueSundialTown.png9.79 KB
ritualClueButtemanAdventures.png5.25 KB
marathongameSep04a.zip36.63 MB
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Here's a pretty big one!

I kinda finished the ritual quest line. There are some things I'll go back and change when I have more energy, though. Let me know if you have any comments or complaints or anything. Feedback is really appreciated!

marathongameSep05a.zip36.7 MB
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Just letting you know!

First week of school was super crazy! I've set a schedule for myself to work on this, so I should be contributing regularly again. I've played a couple of the recent versions and I've really enjoyed the rituals! They are really interesting! The one with the water in Sergio's and the one for the eye crossing one were really great! They do a really good job of being creepy and mysterious. I'm going to work on some stuff like fixing my warp for Dr Dr in my museum room and some other things after I finish playing this new version.

ihavefivehat's picture


I know how hectic life can be with with work and classes! I'm very lucky to have a decent amount of free time at the moment.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about what's going on in the game! I'm worried that some of the rituals might be a little bit frustrating, but it's hard to tell when you're the one who made it. I'm thinking of making it so that the player doesn't have to complete all 10 rituals, but just connect the top and bottom nodes of the tree of life diagram. I'll probably also change the ending.

Feel free to make changes anywhere in the game if you want to; I don't feel precious about my work.

everythingstaken's picture

Playtesting stuff

I am just going through all the rituals to see if things work/if I can figure them out on my own. One I can't seem to figure out how to trigger is the Sundial one. I understand that I'm supposed to be naked and stand in front of the doors, but I'm not exactly sure when and where. I tried just standing in front of the doors the entire time, but that does not work. Am I supposed to walk in front of the doors naked right when the panic is going around?

I have a couple more ideas, so I'll work on them/implement them later. This game is turning out to be really really crazy awesome.

ihavefivehat's picture

sundial town

I'm at work so I can't remember my exact wording... but the clue says "When the sun is at it's height, stand naked in front of the iron doors."

The key is 'when the sun is at it's height'... it's a certain time of day.

Here is the answer in tiny font:

You have to stand in front of the doors at midday.

I can see why that's confusing though, because you can interpret it as meaning when all the fire is shooting out of the sky. I'll try to find a way to clear that up.

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Okay, I just did a relatively small update. I made it so once you complete a ritual your hint note will be removed and the hooded people will leave their area.

I don't mind the fact that you have to complete all the rituals in order to go to the hideout.

Also, I have an idea for the teleportation which I will try to implement. I think it's a cool foreshadowing that you get the stable teleporter when the hooded figures take you to a specific place. I was thinking it would be interesting if they teleported you to the area related to where you're supposed to do the strange puzzle and then notes don't have to be labeled by date.

I'll work on that now actually. :-)

Happy Labor Day!

lol Also, we've been working on this game for 8 months.

marathongameSep07a.zip37.14 MB
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Daath Club Debug

Okay, so in this update I made it so all the Daath hiding around the calendar will teleport you to the specific games that you are supposed to play. I had trouble for some reason being able to teleport to Sergio's "Feed Me" level. For some reason it instead teleports to the cow area in "Different worlds". I also had some problems trying to teleport to specific coordinates on specific maps, but it doesn't completely matter. I may just change it to random.

I also added a debug room for the Daath Club quest series.

I'll work on and finish those photos for the computer quest.

marathongameSep07b.zip37.15 MB
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I like your idea about having the guys teleport you to the map where the ritual is supposed to take place.

I'll randomize the specific coordinates they teleport you to, and then I'll rename the note items!

ihavefivehat's picture

UPDATE - that's swick, yo*

Here's an update that I made last night, but I forgot to post...!

Plus, I added some stuff today also.

I debugged eit's changes and made it so that the masked figures teleport you random coordinates in the map with their particular ritual. I didn't change the butterman adventures one, though, because I liked that Ghosty showed up in the kid's plate.

Oh yeah, and I changed the names of the 'torn note' items. I wanted to give them more interesting names so that it's easier to remember which is which.

I also changed the da'at club a little bit, but I still consider it a work in progress.


I totally broke my oath over the last few days. I know I'll end up in hell now, but I'm ok with that because I worked really hard on it the day before the ones I took off. I think satan will understand and give me a relatively lenient punishment.

*swick: a word i just made up.

marathongameSep09a.zip36.7 MB
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thinking about things:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

So, I now consider the ritual quest line to be complete aside from maybe dialogue editing and polishing down the line.

I'm thinking about the over-all structure of the game.

What I like about the ritual quest line as opposed to the alien one is that is exists on its own. The player is likely to stumble across and maybe solve a few puzzles before they even meet Meta Zita. I think it's better to let the player discover these quests on their own. I think Meta Zita and the curator should act as a hint system which pushes the player towards discovering the game's secrets rather than as regular old 'quest giving NPCs'.

So, that said, I'm going to make some slight changes to the alien hunt. Currently, the player has to talk to the pigtail lady before the aliens appear, but I'm going to change that. The lady will still play a big role in the quest line, but the player won't necessarily have to talk to her to start the quest.

I'll have to remove the 'strange device' item, but I don't think that will be much of an issue.

The actual UFO portion of the game probably won't change at all.

Anyway, I'll start working on that now, and I plan to finish it today.

ihavefivehat's picture


I made all the changes I detailed in the above post.

I didn't actually remove the 'strange device' item, but I changed it a lot.

Now, you don't use the strange device to expose aliens. Instead, you can do it just by asking them the right questions. You get the device from the first alien that you expose.

The device now functions as a map that hints where you can find the other aliens. It will update when you expose an alien. It still beeps when you enter a room with an alien, though.

You can actually complete the alien hunt without talking to the lady with the pigtails at all now. But, I think that most players will at some point.

I'm pretty happy with how this fits together now.

Next, I need to figure out how the world breaker quest line will work............................................................................................................ thinking cap activate! (actually i'll probably just going to sleep)

marathongameSep11a.zip36.73 MB
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invisible update

well... even though I haven't done any work on the game in the 'physical world', I have been hard at work on the 'astral plane' in conceptualizing the world breaker quests.

The quest will consist of glitchy 'remixes' of our marathon games. Basically I will just have fun making weird glitchy games inspired by games we already made.

You'll access these remixes by talking to shady looking npcs in the museum area. They'll give you items which will transport you to these glitchy areas.

Should be fun, I think?

ihavefivehat's picture


I didn't really get to work on the world breaker quest line. Instead I just fixed some bugs and added a few miscellaneous things here and there.

One thing was that I changed the intro a little bit. You now have to use the calendar in your inventory before you can put it up on your wall.

marathongameSep15a.zip36.73 MB
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lack of updates

Sorry, I've been feeling kinda blah with this third quest line. I've been playing around, but I can't seem to find an idea that works. I'll keep you updated, but I think I need to find a new idea. We'll see what happens.

ihavefivehat's picture

So I've been working on this over the last couple of days!

For the world breaker quest line I'm making a mini-action RPG. I think I've always had an intense subliminal desire to make one of these because I'm having sooooo much fun.

Here's a little taste:

I'm not updating the change log because it just slows me down so much and makes it feel like work. But anyway, I'm determined to have the entire game finished by the end of the year... or at least by the anniversary of the marathon. Haha oh god what a monster this became.

gif.gif1.74 MB
ihavefivehat's picture

More progress! Let me know

More progress! Let me know if anyone wants me to post the actual file now. Otherwise, I'll just wait until I finish the area. I don't have toooooo much left to do, but I might not be able to work on it for the next few days.

spiritgif.gif4.66 MB
fistgif.gif796.23 KB
buttergif.gif3.84 MB
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah!

This looks fucking crazy! Great job!

I can wait to see the uploaded version until you are finished. I wish I was able to work on this more. I will work on it a bunch during winter break though as school is kicking my ass right now and I am going to use my free time to qickly make 100 games over the weekend. lol I am excited to see what sort of games you make for the event.

ihavefivehat's picture

Thanks! Unfortunately I

Thanks! Unfortunately I probably won't be able to do the 100 games event this weekend because I have to do a bunch of boring things. But I'm gonna try to do it on my own time later on!!

Son of a dolphin's picture

but what if i don't want to

but what if i don't want to fight butterman because he is my friend

ihavefivehat's picture

Oh well.. yeah, this is more

Oh well.. yeah, this is more like... umm... a manifestation of a troubling subconscious tendency which happens to have taken the form of Butterman in this particular instance. (That won't make sense in the game either.) But don't worry about it either way because you can just walk past him if you want to!

ihavefivehat's picture

I've been able to work on

I've been able to work on this again!

EIT: You might like this next gif.

gif1.gif2.76 MB
ihavefivehat's picture

Haha, this might be too dumb

Haha, this might be too dumb to keep in the game but...

poogif.gif398.82 KB
sergiocornaga's picture

Nothing is too dumb!

Nothing is too dumb!

ihavefivehat's picture

I'm going to upload the

I'm going to upload the current version of the game because I'm going to be somewhere else for a week and won't have access to my normal computer. The section I was working on still isn't finished (actually it's been about quite a while since I've even had time to work on it). Feel free to check it out if you want, but this is not a real update, it's just so that I can download it onto another computer later.

marathongameDec22.7z50.83 MB
ihavefivehat's picture


hey! no one has worked on this in like a billion years, but everythingstaken and I are going to try to finish it this summer! for real! firecat, if you're out there and you want in on this, let us know!

the action rpg sequence that I was working on still isn't finished, but I added a character in the museum cafe who can teleport you there to test it. it's the blob thing in the eastern hallway section of that map.

marathongameJun142016.zip109.67 MB
clyde's picture

I just played a bit for the

I just played a bit for the first time in a while. It runs well on my PC and I like the improvements that I've noticed. Y'all do impressive work.

everythingstaken's picture


I wanted to re-play everything before I really enter the project again. I played this game for about an hour and only really scraped the surface! I think this game is totally longer than 3 hours now. Isn't that crazy? By the way, that "drug" section is freaking crazy, I really like it. I'm going to get to work on the "regular" RPG section as soon as possible.

clyde's picture

I struggled with

I struggled with expectations of my own productivity and enjoyment today. Going into the most recent build of this, wandering around and playing a few games within the game was really nice. There are a lot of new sounds added since I last played these and I like them. Also, I played Sundial Town again. Something about reading the dead-end messages of "This person is dead" after reading so many "This door is locked"s was exactly the kind of moment I wanted to have today. It's nice to have this available.

ihavefivehat's picture

What is the drug section

What is the drug section again? I remember adding something to do with drugs, but changing my mind about it. Maybe I forgot to delete it. Or do you mean the section where you get abducted by aliens?

everythingstaken's picture

Testing and Progress

I was doing a full playthrough of the game and I noticed during the flashback where you first see the four aliens on the bread thing for the first time ghosty's sprites stopped showing up. I'm trying to fix that right now.

As for this weekend, I'll start on the "normal RPG" section.

ihavefivehat's picture

That's cool! My computer

That's cool! My computer broke a couple days ago. I'm trying to get it fixed, but I can't work on any games right now......... hopefully I'll be back soon though.

update: My computer is fixed now, and I have a re-formatted hard drive with NOTHING but RPG Maker 2003 installed! Time to party!

ihavefivehat's picture

I noticed that the

I noticed that the action rpg area wasn't working properly in the last file I posted, so here is a quick fix for that. Didn't have time to do much else since I work soon.

marathongameJun18-2016.zip109.67 MB
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new update:

Today I went through the submuseum area (the action rpg) and fixed a major bug that caused enemies to sometimes not appear. I also made general tweaks and changes in that area. Then I started working on actually completing this segment of the game, but didn't have time to do much.

I updated the google doc with my changes, and also added a to-do list for myself so that you can get a little preview of my plans for finishing this area.

marathongameJun19-2016.zip109.68 MB
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is that a real human heart

is that a real human heart of st whassername

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Most Recent Version

Most Recent Version.Version.0.001v2 RC 35

marathongameBlake.zip109.67 MB