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Can one wrench really solve all your problems in a deepspace meltdown? THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE ANSWERED IN WRENCH THROWER: THE VIDEOGAME!

WARNING: Flashing lights, bad for seizure

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Sadly, I can' t play this one. I get an error message when I start it. Could you make an Unity Webplayer version of it or you could make a new version ? Thanks for reading.

i will upload unity web

i will upload unity web player! Whats your error? i set the only supported aspect ratio to 16:9 in order to keep the UI right so it might have something to do with that!

It gets an error with a

It gets an error with a certain _Data folder.



Sorry everybody

sorry i added the assets folder instead of the data folder to my zip FUKED UP

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I managed to both win and

I managed to both win and lose. Really liked your general presentation, especially the readme image.

Thanx! i worked hard on the

Thanx! i worked hard on the readme that is probably the second best part of this game

Thanks for the cinematic approach

I liked the winning snog. I sat and enjoyed it. If I want to hear it again some time, I probably come back here. It was perplexing and I enjoyed finding the solvent .... Nice thought out control scheme that you made more extravagant in the wording than the actual execution. That's a really good tactic that gives rewarding procedures to use for us. I made use of it once and was happy with it. I thought a lot about it while I was learning a system. it involved turning a mouse UPSIDE DOWN and scrolling to the right because i didn't know how to reverse the movement access or even follow the x/ymouse back then, and it was broken completely in the flash port, but hey, room for more entertainment right?

A pome to dedicate this moment of unique control schemes!

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Thanks for the comment but

Thanks for the comment but also what? I do not have to turn my mouse upside down to play this game i think your having hardware issues my friend!

I am glad you liked my game approach for this, i never thought of it as cinematic before but now that you say it i think it makes sense! The music is definitely legendary visit http://www.freemusicarchive.org for all the best music online and even songs you can use in your game!

oh, my mistake

I was referring to a mechanic i used in one of my games. It didn't convert over well in the lfash version.. but yeah, UPSIDE DOWN MOUSE is GR9.

Oh i see! Upside down mouse

Oh i see! Upside down mouse sounds cool but scary o_o