The Worst Sin

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An example of how one might address a horrible malady.

My first Twine game, including two endings and graphics on every page.
(As an aside, sorry the game takes some time to load. I'm surprised that Twine files don't compress graphics at all.)

To see the inspiration for this game, visit here:
(NOTE: those who follow along with the text will note I took some liberties in the order of the pictures. My apologies. I felt the illustrations worked better for the narrative in a different order.)

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Slather peanut butter all over your own penus, give up for an hour, do it again! Im not usually into this kind of game where you just read and click the options but this is good A+ game!

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Seems like the peanut butter

Seems like the peanut butter episode is a divisive issue. You're the second person who mentioned it being in the game, and only two people so far have commented about it to me.

Perhaps it's a bit too close to home for some folks...


hehe i only mention that one

hehe i only mention that one specifically because its the closest u can get to death without dying. This is the extreme masturbation extperience only for the most mentilly fortified

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I tried to think of nearly

I tried to think of nearly every depraved or bizarre method of masturbation that ever went through my brain while I was like 11 years old. Most of them, including this dog-and-peanut-butter method, made it in there.

Much more of a stretch for me was coming up with ways for someone to prevent themselves from masturbating. I never really tried doing that, to be honest... But having them match with the affirmative answers in terms of strangeness but believability was a major goal for such a short game.

I have to admit most of the answers I came up with for this game make me chuckle mischievously.

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Good Valentines Game!

I am in the same boat where I typically don't like twine games where it feels like you don't have much agency, but I was pleasantly surprised by this game! I like how self aware this one was, like part of the joke was that there were only really two options. I also like how well the pictures worked with what you wrote. It's funny seeing how you appropriated the material because it seems like you added a lot to something that only very loosely had a narrative. I really only have positive things to say about this, I'll recommend this to all my friends that masturbate (probably all of them, huh?).

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Hahaha! Valentines!

I forgot today was Valentine's Day, yeah! How strangely fitting.

And for certain: masturbation = the sweetest taboo. I reckon that most everyone is heathen in that regard. :D

I love it! Maybe I'll make

I love it! Maybe I'll make more twine games, I started one a while ago, and stopped liking it, but maybe it'll be interesting again.

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I enjoyed this. The writing

I enjoyed this. The writing was sharp. The development of erotic association with the scent of various exudates was my favorite part. It was fun to take the addiction as far as I could go. I'm trying to figure out why it is funny (because it is).

The first ending is quicker,

The first ending is quicker, while the second ending makes your average League of Legends player never touch their dicks again. 10/10
btw, i read the text with borat' s voice for some reason