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You are ace pilot, LISA BLASTARR, charged by CORPORAL GARY to save the Earth from certain destruction! Summon the NUCLEAR MATADOR to stop the TAURUS CONSTELLATION from crashing into our planet! Stop the MOON MUMMIES and their naughty leader, CLIFTON FIREHORSE!

Used a few KNP sprites to bring this game to life, and only a few of my own. The character portraits are from party favours from my birthday party years ago. I did the male character voices while Dr. Larson did the voice for Blastarr. Music by and sound effects made with BFXR.

I admit this game is more a vehicle for the cutscenes to exist. It was incredibly fun to make.

It's over 7.5MB in size, so even though it's a Flash file it still may take a minute to load. My apologies.

EDIT: fixed up the ending so if you are defeated then the game won't take forever and a day to end properly (I hope). Anyone else with bug reports, please share.


Made For: 
An event


What the what ? I liked the

What the what ? I liked the voice acting a lot


I lost this videogame but what matters is that i had fun doing it! very nice game here i like the Foxholes

almost lost the analysis/review

ever have too many windows open and your fumblefox windows go white? i hovered over where the tabs were and clicked the gt one, moved the mouse down till i found the enter text wishbone (i'm calling it that) and clicked on it, ctrl a, ctrl c.. i recovered it. lost the subjectline though. i'll post screenshot.

It'd be kinda cool after you get killed there was a way to restart the game other than waiting 5 minutes or restarting the game, but I'm not gonna fidget.. like a menu hotkey or something. It's hard, it's fun, I hear the beginning of the dialogue. I like that part. Art is kind of amazing. Use of Klik Library is +, a big plus. Long load, but for those who understand the way klik to games factory to fusion with multiple medias to clicking and teaming fusion to capturing flags, the alumni like us know that process. Decent loading screen, some defaults were switched up. Always hard to mix it up.. Maybe you could make a random fruit appear on a tree or something for future loadz or a combination of fros.

Gameplay is tight, unfair, frail, just like if the situation were called to reality. I am no good, got 200 points first time, then 900, but then I got the gist of it, oh, you have limited attacks... saaaave it up.. have yet to master missile. I will try again, I will learn.. or lurn.

I was gonna say speaking of FROS and just recycle the same nouns and verbs from the pome I gave to nuuuuuuuup in the ghost desert analysis, but I sadly couldn't recover that one, but hey, start afresh right?

for you:

grunts of grunts walking
inside tvdinner pocket. growth walking
beyond embossed. strain dough as if but stinging
out locket, locket and fro
stinging among growth. tvdinner pocket stalking
with fro but beads pocket hint

under socket. lumps but beads watering
against grunts. socket apocalypse because
hailing within locket but lumps.
through tvdinner pocket pocket lint into tvdinner pocket. sailing
amid locket, mosque pocket lint or
talking with lumps. punts as tvdinner pocket half a cent
beyond growth locket ping outside loss. loss bestroggening.

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game-end issues

Thanks for the end-of-game feedback, as well as the amazing review. I think I fixed it so that the game will end at an appropriate time if the player has been destroyed. You can also press ESC to return to the title screen.

If you're still not able to go back to the title screen after dying now, please let me know. I'd love to iron out these bugs.

I appreciate you persevering so that I could read your words about this game. :)

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Mummy Missiles

Oh, and you may want to time it juuuuuust right to launch a Hyper-Smash to escape an exploding missile or dodge a fox hole... ;)

Yeah, the learning curve can be a little tough

but it's worth the investment. I even ended up getthing the congratulations. It sounded like a bunch of the voices were trying to talk at the same time the first time, then back to the menu.. the other times it would cut off too. Not sure if there's anything beyond the gameplay frame, but even if there isn't, I had tons of fun with it and it was enough to replay back to back about 3 more times. I of course like CLIFTON FIREHORSE's dialogue the best, but everyone engaging made it the way to pave.sw woh i misspelled getting there but i should leave it for preservation and not go back and change that.

Seriously though, this is probably the most fun I've played since uhh, whatever current game I've been playing goes. HIP HIP HORRRAH TO LET-OFF for LIFTING OFF... I was wondering if i could use OH NO THERE'S A COPYLEFT i'm gonna go over there instead.. to CARBON COPY NORTH

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Gosh that was funny.

Gosh that was funny.

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Belated mention that I

Belated mention that I really liked the cutscenes in this, and the game itself was pretty fun too!

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Thank You!

Thanks very much for the positive comments on this. I had a lot of fun making it! :D