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Hello hello! I signed up for Glorious just shy of 3 weeks ago and I love all the games and people making games on here! And i saw that nuuup who made an event signed up only a little over 11 weeks ago so i thought Why Not and now i am starting my own event right here!

this is the EDUCATIONAL GAMES event, I am starting a website on called and i want YOU to develop some fun and educational games for all the children out there online!

This event goes March 1 2015 12:00 am US/Eastern to 30 April 2015 12:00 am US/Eastern also so that its a nice and even 2 months time frame

1. Pls no obscene content or vulgar language on your game please! This is the childrens internet :'(
2. Must be a learning game relating to one of our classic school subjects! Thats Math, English, Science, History, Health, Art and Music
3. I don't like just two rules so heres another one Try to make your game not too scary and no flashing lights cos what if this is a epileptic kid wants to play this game he cant because this will send him into a seizure!

After this event I take all the games and files and put them on so all the kids online can play this cool game!

Join if you can! I am looking forward to seeing if theres any entries :o)

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Cool, I'm into this. I feel

Cool, I'm into this. I feel tempted to make something awful, but I like the idea of not making a game about death or really obtuse science fiction concepts or sexual awkwardness.

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Hmm. I'd love to contribute

Hmm. I'd love to contribute to this. I could probably make a short historical CYOA game in the allotted time. Or a digital art exhibit! Hmmmmm.

In My Sights

Hoping to come up with something for this event soon. A good friend of mine is currently focused on bee colony depletion at her school, so she and I may be able to collaborate on something related to that or other science-y subjects.

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How old?

How old are these kids by the way?

This website isn't aimed

This website isn't aimed towards any specific age group, just kids who want to play educational games

Wait is kids an age group?

Wait is kids an age group? Uh this website is not aimed towards any specific number

I'm not actually making this website For anybody in specific if thats what u think i just want to have a website with cool educational games..I feel there's a tragic lack of diversity in educational videogames, most of them being math games along the lines of Type in the number to complete the action!

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This is cool

I got some old QB games from back in the day I can convert. :3



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I think none of us have

I think none of us have interested doing a child-friendly game

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I'm still working on mine.

I'm still working on mine. ;-)

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Not me, I loved the idea so

Not me, I loved the idea so much! So much that it was hard coming up with a concept I deemed good enough. That, and I'm too busy with university the moment to make an educational game... which is a little ironic, I suppose...

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nobody added a game to this,

nobody added a game to this, game over d00d!

Well, I don't know about that

The concept is sound.. And it's never too late.. Someone can still retropost to this or any event. It's just you know, it's difficult afterall though since the idea was good, but making something polished enough to be educational is a toughie.. And it's also a mystery since the author hasn't given any examples.. I mean, it's never too late.

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I'm I'm

I'm still working on mine. I was caught up finishing the late 8 SONS OF THE DESERT OF SALT while this event was going on, and I wanted that game to be good because of how long I spent making it. The play time of my game for this event is 16 to 20 minutes in full right now and I'm trying to both shorten the play time and make it more interesting and active to warrant a longer play time than most of my games. I guess my goal is to have it be around 10 minutes, that would be a perfect time, but even 10 minutes seems a little long. If I see that a YouTube video is 10 minutes long, sometimes I go "WHAO! I don't think I have time for that!" And I don't want people to start out playing this game and then give up half way because of how long it is.

Also, in making something not violent or disturbing in any way I feel like I made something relatively mainstream appealing in a way though it has a clear Glorious Trainwrecks flavor to it. Maybe I should upload a version of it so people can say what they think about it before I POST it.

Well, I don't know about that

Lol, It autohit me up in the subject, I'm keeping that even if that sounds like i'm repeating and someone checks the recent changes and thinks it's a repost, but hey!

The thing about watching a video vs interacting with a game is different. It's a tough call, see. As long as the gameplay is fresh and there's enough twists and turns, people are willing to not only play the game, but watch a gameplay of it. Just take BoxCarRacer's series for example. That's somewhere between 7-18 minutes of gameplay but it throws you on enough loops and keeps the flow interesting and engrosses you into checking out more of it.

Then you've got exhibit b: Wertpol's idle games. Who'd spend 45 minutes playing a game or even a series when the concept is to watch a clock? I don't know why, but for some reason because it's Wertpol, I was all for it because it was intriguing. And then who'd want to watch a playthrough of it? Surprisingly enough, a lot of people. Somehow it changed people's lives watching it or something. There's a market and demand for some things you never expect

Put it this way: If you're really worried about torching people's time, just uhh, allow some skip buttons. I made buttchuck 2 longer than all my other games but the whole thing has a skip button for each scene. Course I did it for selfish reasons so I could play it for inspiration and whatnot to make more. That's your call, but don't sell yourself short. There might be an audience looking for a slightly longer EIT game.

Still, summarizing and making more BAM and stuff can be a good thing too. I'm sure you've got it all figured out in time. Time to sign my leet name at the end. Oh, and I'll throw a color code at the end too for g00d measure. Cheers!


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eit has passed the torch and shown us how to do it

He is the saving grace of the proactive edutainment ug. all hail eit.