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This is a pretty good conversation engine

It has a little replay value, and I really like the art! It has that extreme feel without too much extravagance. I'm feeling like the characters should squiggle but that's probably just the rotoscope/squigglevision mentality talking. I know how q&a objects pause the universe so there's that. You seem to have a keen adeptness to using tons of them and it works well here. So many branches and tangles and it tells a short story. It's a goood so congratulations. I don't know what steps i'd take to make it g000d or or just goo0d but it's all about experimenting and finding your device to be rotary and stuff.

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Whao! I'm always excited to

Whao! I'm always excited to see your comments. I also think I'm going to start making my own q&a style buttons in future games so I can have stuff animating.

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"You're the cute, mouse like

"You're the cute, mouse like shelfer" is a great line.

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Thanks man. :) I really like

Thanks man. :) I really like "mouse like" girls, and I have always had it for librarians since I was a kid, so I think this came from the heart. There were several times when I was a teenager that I used to go bike to the library all the time and get a bunch of books and several of the librarians said, girls like guys who read and I was like, "Guh! I love you!" but not out loud.