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While probably not as thought provoking as the bump from THE FOURTH DIMENSION, it's a first attempt in some twine 2.0 and it's where I'm at.

STYLE SHEETS i'm pretty sure i messed it up when i pasted like multiple stylesheets and part of the description, but I'm rolling with it because if I hang the html it'll be like file_0 . html That looks like an emoticon. I'll leave the movie attachments at the bottom as they are: attached.

Oh, plot description: some sort of coming of age story using animated images as a storytelling kind of thing, one of them is interactive and starts by pressing a star. Interactive exremities I know. Enjoy.

Made cover with credits to #sally team. Alt cover in attachments.

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An event
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I very much enjoyed the

I very much enjoyed the visual artwork in this game. It gave the experience a feeling somewhere between a learn-the-alphabet type of book and an upstart art-magazine.

A surrealistic journey. I

A surrealistic journey. I particularly enjoyed the writing, it reminds me of a time in which I went to an event called Bloomsday.