Maze of Color

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Find out what color she wants to be painted.
There are seven colors and you have to paint a background, her, and some details.
Kind of a sequel to "Maze of Darkness".


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I tried many combinations,

I tried many combinations, but couldn't find the one that presumably progresses the game.

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Yeah, there are 343 combinations and only one is correct. I don't expect many people to beat this.

Kind of discouraging, but for good reason on the overall experie

...nce .. !



Almost everything about it. The reply, the controls, the tiny petite yet functional size, the dangerously low font size.. It was almost meant like it was made to test the patience of not others, but more yourself. To put so much I know you're not making a bottle ship here, but to work in such a small area is a thing. I of course believe going for a mouse-driven ui would've been more appealing, but at the same time I'm gonna guess you avoided that input because, well, you want to give the recipient more pacing, and have them work for it. That's a noble endeavor. It's sort of like the ZZT equivalent of releasing a game that starts you on the wrong board initially and you have to open the editor, change the board, and save it and rerun it. Those extra steps make the player feel more in control and more vested in the experience.

I had some, not major concerns with anything at all. The uhh, font size on whatever resolution I am in is/was painful and i tried lol to scale, like "lol why for the love of tv dinner box can I not scale just a notch?" and yeah, I think I missed what I was supposed to do the first run so I played through the opening again. As I played more and more trial and error my eyes got used to the small text. It could just be the sleep deprivation talking and if I was overslept and apathetic like my usual happy-go-lucky self (take that as you will) but I grew to appreciate the small font size as I think it endowed the details and enjoyment in the game in the long run.

I of course still don't know exactly what to do here but I have been getting responses from the model.. It was some trial and error and I'll try again but I really loved the blueberry bit since the game as of the so far has been so serious.

This is something I probably might have taken longer to check out normally so I do appreciate the showcase and bringing this and potentially some others to my attention. I'll try to go through them in reverse chronological order and find at least a little something to say about each one or just get creative like I usually do and dream up something, because like dreamboats can't soar without wooden oars. You have to keep rowing, or oaring, whichever applies to which when where and whatnot. It's all about the whatnots?

Oy, and on another note: good use of tags. I like how you adopt one of the tags that gets autocompleted from the past and adopt it to your quiver of releases. Most of us don't use the feature or take it for granted, but yeah, congratulations.

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Thanks for the comment!

I'm so glad you've played this game. I figured it was very unappealing, but I guess that was the point of the game! I'm glad you saw that it was a game of patience for me. Each of those dialogue pieces were created individually, I hope you could tell! There are some more secret kinda funny dialogue bits, but they are pretty far between. There is a sort a trick to winning, but there are a lot of red herrings and stuff in this game and the ending isn't really worth getting to.

Also, I'm glad you noticed my tags! I'm not sure if I even think about it when I do it. I like the tags here because it's such a small community and there are some pretty good joke tags and good suggestions of what the game is. I think I tagged a couple of my games as "Add new comment" and "add to favorites". Are you referring to most of my games being listed under the tag of "too much talking" which was taken from Loeing's "Do you remember the end of the world?"? That's my favorite tag, I wish I could add that to all of my games, but all of my games aren't dialogue heavy sadly. "not funny" is another tag I really like to use that I took from autocomplete.