New Games?!?!

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On the right side is a list of 20-21 games I want to make before August. It's sort of a schedule for myself for when they should come out and how long it should take to make them.

This is also a good opportunity to ask for feedback. I get some comments sometimes on my games, but I was wondering how people thought I was doing. Give me some criticism. Come at me!

I'm not quite sure what's on the right side of the paper. Also, I didn't draw that cat.

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good luck with that!

i'm still working on games from when i started klikkin'... and with the xmas computer crash... i still have KOTM games to recover and finish :P i have nothing but time on my hands since i'm self employed now :3

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Make stuff then!!! Get

Make stuff then!!! Get rollin'!

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Seeing that list is both

Seeing that list is both impressive and intimidating. I feel overwhelmed just looking at it. Still, from what I can tell it looks consistent with your productivity-rate of the past. It's just seeing it all on one page makes me feel like I'll never get it all done because there is so much! It's interesting to see how your process is different than mine.

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Thanks! I hope I get even half of these things done. I've spent maybe 2 months so far working on my ALL CAPS space game. In what ways is my process different than yours?

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I have to make my to do list

I have to make my to do list smaller and smaller in order to not feel overwhelmed. I actively avoid making large lists because I get freaked out about all the stuff I need to do. Instead I try to think of my goals in single steps (which are typically just the next step that can lead to a longer process) or as goals for very short periods of time.
I'll list tons of stuff *after* I've accomplished those things to give me a boost of motivation, but doing so before hand freaks me out.

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Can't believe I only just

Can't believe I only just noticed Breaking Bread was getting a sequel!

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ah heheheheh

8-) Close, a spinoff.

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I just realised it's August!

I just realised it's August! How did you go with these? It seems you released fewer than you set out to, but I don't know what's happening behind the scenes. I'm most interested in the status of the February 2015-July 2015 series and Better Call Bread.