Noth Ing

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You play as Mark, Exclamation Mark, on their quest to find all the variations of nothing.

Walk off screen if there are too many bouncing boys.

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I accidentally wandered off-screen and deleted myself! Also the switch seems to stop working sometimes?

EDIT: I won!

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Off Screen

It should respawn you when you go off screen. Also, was there any condition where the switch stopped working? I didn't have those problems. :-/ Is it cuz those bouncing boys are all over the screen?

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I think the time I didn't

I think the time I didn't respawn was due to excessive bouncing boys, yes! As for the switch, I believe it stops working if you use it while the lamp is in the bin, and you can make it work again by using it while the clock is in the bin.

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Oh, I understand what's

Oh, I understand what's going on now! I have it now so whenever you walk off screen all the boys will just leave. Also, there was some sort of timer I put on the light switch for some reason, which is I think why it didn't work. I should have made a much smaller game for the Klub, I was really scrambling with this one.

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I think I might have found all the scraps of paper but I'm not sure. I tried to get them to line up so I could read them but they kept bouncing all over the place. I liked the bouncing boys.

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Thanks, I like the bouncing boys too.