Death Scorpions From Hell II


We here at Makai Sasori wish to let you know the sequel to our previous game Death Scorpions From Hell actually works. The members of the team that let the buggy version of our previous game be released have been dealt with by our resident ninja squad. Those that survived impalement and incineration by our greatest ninja member have been transformed into puppets of death by our other ninja member.

Arrows/joystick = movement
Button 1 = shoot laser vision

Destroy as many Death Scorpions From Hell as you can before you die.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2


Squawk! Keep your

Keep your bearings!
Keep your bearings! Head to harbor! Head to harbor!
Head to Spain! Spanish gold! Pretty gold! Pretty Ruby! Take the sloop!
Take the ship! Squawk! Squawk!

Board the sloop!