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https://archive.org/details/WilliamDyerSoundEffectsLibrary sound effects here. Alternatively if you can't get it to work, there's a winders download in 7zip format. A game about kinship and whatnot. Made using Tyranobuilder. Art / Music by me. For Nuuup's WEIRD GAME MARATHON 1. NUUUUUUUP.

Updated newgrounds link. it goes live. Wish me luck. alternatively if that goes downhill, there's a gamejolt link too
Update: they loved it!


Here's the soundtrack so you can remember friendship. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/617495 and the midi is attached if you want to listen your own way or remix.

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An event
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i really like your art style

i really like your art style but the game really does not make any sense to me.
I miseed you Mr Ghettoshamrock, where do you live in the world i'll buy you a coffee

Thanks for the props

Think of it like uhh, there's a guy who just kinda communicates with the audience or player, and it's a one way conversation to the viewer about friendship and there's like motivational music going on, and it has to do with kinship and that sort of thing. It was a way to say "hey, there's this medium out here, quick check it out" looking back and that's what I was going for. Sort of like your whimsical snack hound series. Everyone else wanted to make something featuring that hound of snacks but you were the first to loosely make a presentable series around it. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's the same concept minus the series.

I'm in another continent, but I am about .. Round and about! I'll do my best! I'm in the Georgia US.