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Here's my latest retro project, ASTROPATH. It also happens to be my 20th game submitted to Glorious Trainwrecks. No cutscenes this time... :)

The goal is to collect 16 stars on each of 12 different stages. Dodge asteroids and comets, collecting the stars and any special score bonuses along the way. Make it through all 12 stages, and you can add your name to the high score table...!

Press UP to start moving. Steer LEFT and RIGHT to turn the ship as it flies (or when it's stationary). Press DOWN to slow/stop the ship, and when stopped you can press DOWN again to move in reverse.

On later stages you can shoot three rockets with the SPACEBAR/JOYPAD BUTTON 3.

Collide with a STAR to collect it and earn points. You also earn bonuses for:
- collecting matching-colored stars one after another
- fuel remaining at the end of the stage
- NOT crossing your Astropath (the clouds of smoke you leave behind)
- Following comets closely
- collecting the pickups (Alien Artifacts or Precious Minerals) left behind after destroying asteroids
- destroying comets

If anyone makes it up to 20,000 points, please post a screen shot and share your success!

Made with Clickteam Fusion. Sound effects made with BFXR. Background music from Play On Loop (

KNOWN ISSUES: for some reason, sometimes at the end-of-game screens the high-score entry box is hidden. You'll need to press ALT-TAB to switch to that screen, enter your name for the high score, and then press ENTER to properly enter your name on the high score screen. I have NO idea how to fix this. Sorry.

And of course, if anyone finds any additional bugs or errors in play, please let me know.

You can also chip in and support me by visiting and passing along a little somethin-somethin to me through


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It sounds so good, where do

It sounds so good, where do you also get these hi-res fonts?

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No-Cost Fonts

I pick up fonts at a couple different places at no cost.

Creative Market has free items each week. Set up an account and grab the fonts when they go on sale:

I also check out various font websites. Though some are for sale, there are also some fonts that are posted for no cost. Your mileage may vary:

After I found the old-skool-looking Atari font, I stopped looking. :) However, you can find plenty of fonts of all different styles for little or no cost, just with a little bit of Internet research.

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The hi-res 8bit font looks

The hi-res 8bit font looks great and i've seen these like in retro arcade games.

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Font Names

I think the ones I use are called "Joystix" and "Atari Classic Chunky." There's another one with "Atari" in the name, but I can't recall what it is.

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So that "Atari" thing is

So that "Atari" thing is what i was looking for, thanks.

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This is fun! I like how many

This is fun! I like how many different variables you have to keep track of if you want to stay alive/get more points. It would be fun to expand this somehow and add even more variables and things to think about for bonuses. I'm definitely going to return to this one to get a higher score.

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Thanks! :D

I appreciate the kudos, everythingstaken! :) Coming up with different ways to score more points was an inspiration from my time as a tabletop board game designer. There are several tactics to attempt in an effort to devise a winning strategy, while in the face of seemingly unbeatable randomness. Even I've not perfected it, hence my 20K score note above (I've not cracked that barrier just yet myself).

There were a considerable number of things I had in my plans and ideas in regards to expanding this game (many listed in the comments of the game's MFA file...!). Generally speaking, the majority of them entail expanding the game screen beyond the 800x600 screen size, as things were becoming a bit cramped.

From those who have played this, I've received enough positive feedback that I'm inspired to develop a sequel where I can explore some of these more complex ideas. I'd like to pick your brain for a few ideas some day soon, and see if what you might have in mind could also fit in to a "bigger" version of this game.

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Yeah, for sure, feel free to message me or jump in IRC.

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As always you take a very holistic approach to programming. Your entire library of resources for this game are great and it's plain to see you hand pick or create every one. The control scheme is well implemented and your general taste for this project is very satisfying. The only constructive would be that there isn't a ton of re-playability. Upgrades and even more variety would fix that nicely. Good Work!

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I appreciate the positive comments!

I do want to add more variety to the envisioned sequel to this game. Kinda like a friendlier version of Space Pirates and Zombies/SPAZ. Primarily, I want the player to be able to explore several "sectors" of a star system, unlock mysteries, complete contracts for different types of stars and other things they collect, and so on. Game stages would be much larger than the initial 800x600 of this version. There are a lot of different directions I can go with this concept while still keeping it relatively non-violent (which is also a personal priority).

Speaking of directions, I've attempted to play this with a joypad and the results were less-than-satisfying. I intend on tweaking this for a future installment.

And yeah, I deliberately choose retro-style sounds and music. First off, I grew up with an Atari 2600 & 5200 within throwing distance at all times of my childhood and was addicted to visiting arcades, and also because I draw pixel art and don't spend enough time on it to compare to something more complex than an 8-bit NES. :)

Again: thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. :D