The Golden Hornet's Venomous Bite

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Golden Hornet SC.png

I think I spelled venomous wrong in the game, but oh well, you get the point.

I was going to post what my story was supposed to be, but I can't because I got the blue screen of death before I copied it down, but trust me, this is based on a plot generated thing.

Haha, have fun!

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HIdden Caves

I enjoyed trying to figure out where the hidden caves were, and what I was supposed to do while in there. I must say I was clueless most of the time I was playing, but it was enjoyable play nonetheless and the sound effects made it only more amusing.

Your tiny graphics are always adorable, and the main character in this one reminds me of a cuter version of one of the characters from the indie game Nuclear Throne. The rest of the creatures would fit perfectly fine in that same universe.

Nice work here, everythingstaken!

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I'm glad you enjoyed this! There are usually no "real way" or "correct way" to play any of my games and most of the time I see quitting the game as a way of adding to the narrative, so it's okay to be clueless! I hope to keep up on adorable graphics in the future! :)