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Edit: (Epilepsy warning! Thanks for telling about that.)

A platformer game I made in Klik N' Play from around 2008-2009. Has around 10 levels, which include a terribly made boss. All graphics, music, and sfx made by me, with the exception of the water drop sfx in that one level. Music was made in Korg DS-10.

Note: Since Klik N' Play is so old, I had a friend convert it to a 32 bit file with what I believe was Clickteam Fusion or something. Some of the platforming mechanics don't work as originally intended as a result.

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An event


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Epilepsy warning on that

Epilepsy warning on that intro graphic.

This is cute! It reminds me of those old single-screen Klik & Play platformers I used to play. It even has the Hot Spot in the top-left corner of the player sprite so you have to grab onto ladders a little further to the right than you'd expect.

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Does this also use the

Does this also use the default platform movement?
This sounds cool for a abstract platformer.


Stuck on the time-enforced stage with all the ladders. Lots of clever little tricks you added to the game leading up to that point.

Nice work! :D

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I love this style of game. It's one of my favorites, the short one screen action puzzle platformer made by one person. I started work on one a while ago and wanted to add more levels, so I think I'm going to do that now that this has inspired me. I love the super 2000's style electronic music. This whole thing makes me feel pretty nostalgic even though 2008-2009 isn't around anymore, but I feel like that was a time where this type of game was very popular, and I still really like it, this feels authentic to that style.

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fliff since when did you have a gt account gdi why dont you tell me these things

right well i had better have a little play then

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ohhh man this game reminded

ohhh man this game reminded me of the old jesse venbrux game "you made it" so much. really fun but holy fuck its difficult

also got stuck on that timed level. doesnt seem possible.

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the timed level is a trick!

the timed level is a trick! its actually impossible to go through it the conventional way. i wanted to play with general expectations of game design so i made the walls on top so that you can walk through them

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