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in this game, you must explore a three screened game based on a nightmare i once had.

full description :
"I once had a nightmare that looked pretty much like this. Pearl from Steven Universe was throwing snot at me, and I wanted to sleep. I was also in a small, wooden like cabin in this little dream.

It’ s probably a thing I transcribed into a game. or a game transcribed into a thing."

Made For: 
An event


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Woah...you had a nightmare

Woah...you had a nightmare with a cartoon character in it....seems awkward...
i once had one with one from a game or something, it had Kirby....maybe....

yeah. i usually have

yeah. i usually have nightmares when i am angry / pissed off / annoyed at something. also, i am a lover of cartoons. :-B

but yeah, i didnt like the show ( steven universe ) very much, and i was getting annoyed that one half of twitter was mostly steven universe ( srsly, i was getting messages nonstop wowow wtf srsly ) and yeah... pissed off / annoyed = nightmare :)

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What cartoons do you like,

What cartoons do you like, then?

EDIT: I like the game. It makes sense given your description, but I would probably be confused if I hadn't read it first.

Don Hertzfeldt' s, Cat Soup,

Don Hertzfeldt' s, Cat Soup, Old surreal cartoons from the 1920s - 1930, Lotte Reineger, Winsor McCay, Ray Harryhausen and Jiri Trinka are some of my favourites.

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That's a prestigious list!

That's a prestigious list! It definitely includes things I'm not that familiar with which I'll be checking out. If you want to be slightly less alienated from your obsessed Twitter pals, maybe you'd appreciate Singles, a more experimental short film by Steven Universe's creator Rebecca Sugar. In terms of contemporary popular cartoons in general, Over The Garden Wall has a fantastic early animation vibe, while Gravity Falls has an explicit tribute to Ray Harryhausen in season 2 (I love both shows dearly). As for actual old stuff, have you ever watched Hedgehog in the Fog? So classic!

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it felt very sad kind of, maybe because of the colors and not having music. I like the blurry backgrounds.

=( thanks


oh my goooooosh

there's so much nuuup here!! what is it there?!?