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Well, I was checking out this node http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/7174 and trying to figure out how I missed out on this gem along with figuring out the anniversary date as I kinda just wanted to make a laid back event when I was just having such a gr8 time with it, I figure we could reflect around this important holiday time, I'd ask what people were up to and stuff, encourage others to whatever, post a message on the bottom, say a hello and stuff, do some rewsearch, post a portfolio, the thing, yeah.

But yeah, thought I'd just post something up. Happy 8th by the way GT and those involved, uhh, thank you.

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Games made for HAPPY Cinco De Mayo EVERYONE!!!


oh yeah, i was gonna just reflect on expletive, but then like i

got tired and stuff. Yeah, so I've been working on colorcodes on any time off. I just go home, so (or ho so ho) and i'm ready to do this. Been working on irc color codes on and off, check out https://jollo.org/sallies/vase/ and if you're into the tech and the look why not create your own? http://asdf.us/ascii/ for the power. Been making music and stuff too but that could be for another day take care happy Cinco De Mayo guys.


Cool event! i'll see if i can free up some time for this.

aww yeah,

nah, this isn't like one of those events that calls much to action. I think idleness is suaveness, see. Your support is really inspiring though. so much that your support has my support.. uhh, an excerpt.

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Thank you!

I don't know if that worked, but yeah. Go ZZT@

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has this past event been

has this past event been resurrected?

are we doing it again?