Skeleton War

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This makes me want there to

This makes me want there to be a real skeleton war. You should have submitted this to the Cinco De Mayo event.

Yeah, this came on hard.

You can move it to the cinco event if you want, but I dunno, you could theoretically put it anywhere. I used to push people to move stuff to events so it can get attached to the spider web of games in that .exe file, but I don't mind downloading a game or two even if I have to decide a folder to put it into..

I thought it was quite charming. It was jam-packed and delivered a punch. The use of that DKC track is so inspiring again. It's one of my favorites and brings me back to finding Stampede in the walls in the happy bonus music room. Good work all around. This is a play over and over again kinda adventure thing.

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I moved it to the Cinco De

I moved it to the Cinco De Mayo event, glad you enjoyed the game!