PlingPling Valley Lake

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I don't think it is beatable.
I learned a valuable lesson: Even if I want the table to be more visually representative than fun to play, I should still test the tables while I'm painting them. I ended up re-doing a lot of the visual work just because I wanted the ball to be able to move around.

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very artistic!

very artistic!

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This was the prompt. I

This was the prompt.

I was trying to recreate it. Like I mentioned in the description though, I lost a lot of work because I was erasing parts to make the table beatable (which never actually happened). Next time I try to do something like this, I'll play it frequently as I'm filling it in.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I completely didn't realize what your image was based on. Knowing this is pretty great. I like the idea of drawing something and then just seeing if it's interactive or not or a game or not later. That's kinda what Foster and I did in that game that I posted in those comments. ;-)

I also like the Easter egg in the edit section!

This is a well-rendered

This is a well-rendered table, but I also wanted to shout-out for your Venus(#1) table on the tumblr you posted. I was fascinated by the entire background strobing when the edges are hit. For the figure details/relief, I assume you used the "transition" tool?

It's interesting to see people taking the PlingPling tool beyond the confines of a typical pinball table. :)

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I'm not sure what the

I'm not sure what the "transition tool" is. The red of the Venus table is "Target", the shadows are erased areas, and the negative space is one giant bumper.


Ah! I meant "connection" tool, not "transition." I haven't messed around with it enough to figure out how it's used.

You've done nice work with PlingPling. :)