oh man hey its a human

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here you can play pling in your body yup thats you

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woo hoo!

Hit that 'crown chakra' and brought 4200 points with me!

I think i got like 7200 points high score, but

I ended up having to tilt like really harshly an respawning to get this one. I'm in a way kinda glad this is still on the top of the list because well, it's just so, reassuring. Just that smile, it brings so much to the table. it doesn't seem FORCED or anything. it's just there, you know. It brings a joy to things. Like even if you're wondering if you'll ever get that lightbulb idea or not, you're just so calm through the whole thing. maybe the sound effects, or the flow in general. Like so much joy is brought to the table when I look at it.

It's giving me such a glamor in life when the ball spawns slightly over the knows, because you know what knows in the nose right?






Yeah, so given that, you have a basic gist, an idea of what happens next. You have to tilt it, stilt it, and quilt it, in life. It's hard to tell if tilt is a cheat, but in plingthing i think it's part of the curve. Yeah, I'm really glad I can turn about here and there in the turnabout and a plingthing is in circulation. It's like seeing klip art again, or a photo of your long lost fr., or a video of your short fount enemy. It brings a tenacity others don't comprehend and ascends to some level of introspective one can't deny. That's why they brought plingthing. Now I"m sitting here wondering, "if i get this new gcs, will it export to flash, maybe html5, but most importantly: plingthing?

I dunno. but the flippers were chipper in this one.. very hyper reaalistic, minimalistic, yet so advanced. Our species never planned on a demonic pinball table hybrid. Such things were only dreamt about as the ill effects of a misspent youth, navigating, fabricating and alienating brain signals one could use to progress. though in this vague memory the ball was a coin, the canvas/pegs/bumpers were parts of the desk and the board was a lightly penciled in sheet of paper or the desk itself (that way it could be easily erased along with the evidencef of its existence)

it's like someone took that sheet of notebook paper or lightly stenced desk and skipped the diskette and bnrou err brought it to us as is, as it shall and should, whatever it would be for you and me and just lavished it with gr8 features like blinking pinks and thinking thinks.

Thank you for the plingthing #j4s