plant pals

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help a sad and lonely little cactus person plant some friends

plant as many as you can in SIXTY seconds!
just don't let them get too close. you're kinda spikey, being a cactus and all.

made with game maker studio. you can mute the game with 'M'

thanks for playing <3


I checked with Avira and it was indeed a false positive result! which is such a huge relief ;; sorry if I scared anyone
this silly little game is perfectly safe to download

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those sprites are so cute! I love the idea that the reason you want to avoid 'enemies' in this game is to protect them rather than to protect yourself. It's a small twist, but it gives the game some emotional depth. I guess those little plant babies just want a hug. Too bad their mom/dad is a cactus.



Had a blast. The way you tally up the score is super-cute.

AVG Antivirus 2015 detected no issues. :)

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This game is really cute

This game is really cute aaaa!

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lol I played it with

lol I played it with Glorious Trainwrecks DOT EXE and I didn't get any errors or anything, stupid Avira.

But yeah, this game is great! It's kind of super sad though it's really cute and arcade-like and fun. It makes me think about life and all the mistakes I've made. :-| I also like how this game is super sad without being overbearing or obvious and it doesn't have a sad story or anything, the mechanic is just naturally sad, until the end of course.