Find Your Keys

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Find your keys before the time runs out!

Press the SPACEBAR/JOY BUTTON 3 to extend your arm, and release the button to grab and then retract your arm.

A game made for fortunepalace's "GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS" event right here at Glorious Trainwrecks. Created with Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Music by Sound effects created by me in bfxr.

If you have a suggestion for an item to add under the couch, just leave a comment here and I'll do my best to add it in the game.

EDIT: fixed some sound bugs and made it so the game isn't completely impossible to "win."

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I got the keys!

I have been here before! I like this one a lot because it demands replayablilty and has really good game-feel. I love grabbing onto all that stuff. The strawberry candy was my favorite item.

first comment from me.

Is this even possible?? I've only gotten to 15 so far...

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It's very possible! I've

It's very possible! I've done it a couple of times, reaching 25 at most. I think whether you find keys is entirely random, so you'll just have to keep at it.