Attack of the 15 Meter Lesbian and Her GirlFriend

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1167 lesbian giant.png

you and your girlfriend fight tanks and maybe a secret boss
im tired give me a break
all songs from the noise archive backup

Marie Gevaudan
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An event


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Makes ya think!

This is a weird one! What are you making these little RPGs in?

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very cool. I love the

very cool. I love the character designs and the art of everything else too. It's a heart warming romantic game in a lot of ways. Sort of like 'our love against the world' type of thing. 'They consider us abominations but at least we have each other'. Then, I don't know if their relationship is healthy and sustainable since all the affection is coming from one person, but that's cool anyway. At least they're happy for now. I love how long the hugging / kissing / making out animations go on for.

I like these tiny RPGs. I've been using RPG maker for a while, of course, never realized that the 'wander around and randomly battle things' template can communicate so many feelings just on it's own.

The music is so good. I'll have to download that pack at some point.

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i like how you included

i like how you included Slavoj Zizek in there. Not sure what it signified it was just "hey i know who that is"